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This Mage OP Hero in Mobile Legends will be Nerfed in the Upcoming Patch Update

This MLBB OP Mage Hero is nerfed and auto-nerfed! Moonton is very carefully preparing for the next Mobile Legends patch update after confirming that it has many buffs and nerfs.

Of course, this still cannot be separated from some heroes that are considered too strong and some others that are considered very weak.

One of them is Lillia, the Mage of Mobile Her Legend and the deadliest hero behind her cute looks.

By the end, the OP Mage Hero definitely gets a fair amount of nerfing from her MLBB.

This MLBB OP mage hero gets a little weaker in the early game

After often ruling the Land of Dawn with her deadly abilities since the start of the game, Lilia finally gets an adjustment.

This hero is admittedly a little weaker, so she doesn't seem too chaotic early in the game. So this is the nerf that Lylia will soon get in her upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.

skill 2

  • Her base damage, which was originally 100-160, is now 90-150.
  • Explosive damage originally 250-400 is now 220-400

With this nerf, Lylia isn't as strong as before and can easily scale up to disrupt her opponent's jungler. Of course, he's not projected to be a priority in filling the position as mid laner.

Still, Lillia is, of course, one of those wizard heroes who deals lethal damage when paired with the right items.

So in December's patch update she's an OP mage her hero who will soon get a big nerf from Moonton to Mobile Legends or MLBB.

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