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This List of Items is Powerful Counter Joy, Makes Him Impressed!

This row of items is a powerful counter-joy and makes him rush. After being officially released from Moonton to Mobile Legends, Joy is now a deadly hero in Land of Dawn.

His extremely agile movements and painful damage make for a very deadly combination of heroes and are found in this hero.


Of course, this has made Mobile Legends fans think of ways to counter Joy. This makes her immobile. So she'll be sharing her picks for powerful items to take on Joy in Mobile Legends.

Radiant Armor

Joy is an assassin his hero who bases his attacks on magical damage. When he successfully activates his ultimate, he can quickly deal extremely lethal damage.

Therefore, Radiant He Armor gives +900 HP, +52 Magic Defense and +12 HP Regen, which makes it feel very effective against this attack.

This item's passive also allows him to reduce magic damage dealt by opponents by 5-8 for 3 seconds, depending on his level.

Athena Shield

Burst his damage He's not the type of hero, but if Radiant his armor isn't enough to anticipate Joy's attacks, Athena his shield can be an extra option.

This item's passive reduces his magic damage by 25% for 3 seconds, so Joy's damage is certainly not painful.

Dominance Ice/Durance Necklace

Joy also has a fairly thick shield when using her ultimate, which makes her very difficult to kill. Dominance His Ice or Necklace of Durance is very effective in dealing with this hero.

The reason is that these two items have passives that reduce shields and regenerate her HP by up to 50%, allowing Joy to be conquered more easily.

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