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This is the reason why Martis is becoming a feared hero in Mobile Legends

Why Martis deserves a mobile legend jungler. After the adjustments, Martis became the hero that began to be feared in Mobile Legends.

The reason for this is that this hero is considered to be extremely perfect as he has very perfect abilities, so it is not uncommon for him to be used as a jungler.

Of course, this hero is not without reason to be used as a core. Because he is very well qualified to play this role.

So, in his Mobile Legends today, here are his three reasons why Martis is so well suited to use as a jungler.

1. Martis Jungler is highly mobile with his mobile legend

Martis has various attributes and is very suitable for playing as a game center. One of them is his high mobility.

With his second skill, he can easily spin very fast and avoid CC effects at the same time.

This will certainly help your colleagues who are in the EX lane or Gold lane to gain lanes in rotation.

2. High-speed farming

The combination of Skills 1 and 2 of Martis is recognized as one of the most terrifying skills not only against heroes but also against his monsters in the jungle.

Of course, this ability helps heroes farm quickly, allowing them to surpass the level of their opponent's jungler.

3. Effective in war or solo kill

Whether it's a 5v5 or a 1v1, Martis wins the fight brilliantly,

In addition to avoiding CC, the combination of Skill 1 and Skill 2 can give CC effects to many enemies at once.

Additionally, if he manages to kill an enemy with his ultimate, Martis increases his attack speed and movement speed by up to 100% for 5 seconds.

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