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This Hero Becomes a Strong Jungler in Mobile Legends After Being Buffed

After buffing, this hero becomes a mobile legend and a powerful jungler! When you think of buffs and strong junglers, you might think of Martis. Admittedly, Martis is very strong and a popular jungler in the current meta. But this time we're not talking about heroes.

This hero is an underrated hero but has actually been buffed in previous patches.

According to Oura, Alice will be a strong jungler

The GPX Esports team owner and pro-his player, Oura, revealed in his latest YouTube video that Alice is a powerhouse jungler in the current meta.

No longer an Explaner or Goldlaner, you can immediately gain passive stacks using Jungle Emblems. Where he is now there has certainly been a change in his passive

Oura also issued a statement regarding this jungler, Alice. "It's really scary. Alice his jungler is really great," Oura said.

If you want to give it a try, you can follow the following build recommendations from Oura.

Alice Ala He builds Oura.

  • Devil's Shoes (Ice Revenge)
  • destiny watch
  • enhanced talisman
  • Guardian's Helm
  • dominance ice

Other item defense, winter truncheon possible

Alice needs enough mana to continue using her skills, so items such as the Clock of Fate and Enhanced Talisman are the two items she must craft first.

The more mana you have, the more damage you do, so these two items are perfect for Alice.

To increase endurance, you can craft defensive items for the last three items, such as Guardian Helmet, Dominance Ice, and Winter Torchon, depending on your opponent.

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