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This Hero Assassin Turns Out to Be Strong, Even though on Nerf

 This hero assassin is strong even after nerfing! He has one assassin hero that was recently nerfed in the latest patch. Indeed, the weakening is considerable, as only the percentage of his passive is reduced from his 4% of his HP lost to the target to 3%.

Apart from that skill, skill 2 also weakens him from 110-210 + 50% total magic power, which was previously damage, to 100-200 + 40% total magic power.

This old his Mobile Legends hero has received an improvement that made him a mainstay again. But the nerf has made him marginalized again and less of a priority.

The emperor says the hero assassin Gusion is still strong even with nerfs

It represented the strength of Gusion, better known as the Emperor, or now Jonathan Liandy. Already weakened, he was still very powerful in his right hand.

A former pro famous for Gusion Hero, his player admits that this recently improved hero is still very powerful and does a lot of damage.

His latest Gusion build Ala Jonathan Liandi

Arcane Shoes (Ice Retribution)

wand of genius

holy crystal

glowing wand

Divine Grave

Calamity Reapers

According to Jonathan, Gusion's burst damage is already so great that Calamity Reaper is not a top priority for now. The must-have item is now the Staff of Genius, which quickly lowers an enemy's magic defense.

And Bloodwings, which are fairly expensive, plus Holy Crystals as a great magical addition.

There are glowing wands that give a burning effect to facilitate that, especially if the enemy has many thick heroes.

Additionally, you can craft Divine Graves to make it easier to deal damage.

The last item is contextual. Calamity He can use the Reaper for real damage, or the Winter Tranchon to avoid death late in the game.

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