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This Fighter Hero Will Return to Get a Big Buff for his Ultimate

Considered Still Too Weak, Thamuz Will Get Big Buff! This Hero Fighter was predicted to return to meta after getting a revamp on his skill 1 which can be taken quickly and doesn't have to wait to return like before.

However, several nerfs on other skills made Thamuz not long into meta and had to return to the warehouse.

It is judged that it is still too weak, finally this Fighter hero will get a buff again, which we think is a big buff for his ultimate.

Buff Ultimate Thamuz

Skill 1

Now affected by Cooldown


Max HP from 500-1500 to 1000-2000

You can see for yourself that the addition of Max HP when using Ultimate increases rapidly from the early and late games.

Of course this will make Thamuz's hero thicker and stronger to become a frontline, especially now that explaners often become the body in front, especially when roamers are not body heroes but supports like Diggie, Angela, Estes or Rafaela.

We estimate that after this big buff (possibly released in December) Thamuz will experience a slight increase and make this hero one of the options to play as an explaner again.

Because as an explaner, now the most important thing is to be thick and strong during teamfights, unlike before who could take damage, Fighters like that would usually be used as junglers like Martis and Leomord at this time.

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