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The Top 2 Meta Marksman Will Be Nerfed To Reduce Damage In The Next Patch

Two top meta marksmen are nerfed and this is what happens! Of course, Goldlaner users will be very sad to hear this news. The two top meta marksmen from a while back are nerfed.

In fact, this weakening is still on the advanced server, so it hasn't been applied to the original server.


The November patch was just released a while ago, so this nerf could be in his next patch in December 2022.

Beatrix and Claude are Weakened Like this


  • basic attack

Reduced damage to turrets from all weapons to 80%

  • ultimate

Reduced damage to minions from all weapons to 50%


  • ultimate

Ultimate Attack % reduced from 70% to 55%

It can be said that the strength of the two bodies has been reduced by the new item Swift Dagger. These items increase attack speed for heroes that rely on basic attacks. These two heroes are more or less affected.

Beatrix's turret damage is reduced to just 80%, and Ultimate's to minions. Beatrix often uses Ultimate just to clear lanes quickly.

On the other hand, Claude's additional attack % has been reduced from 70% to 55%. Far enough away, ultimates are no longer so deadly or maybe the same due to new weapon effects.

What do you think? Will this nerf take this two top marksmen of hers away from the meta?Write down in the comments.

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