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Strengths & Weaknesses of Gatotkaca, Hero Epic Mobile Legends Very OP

Extremely popular in Mobile Legends epic ranks and most OP. Gatotkaca is a very popular hero below his rank of Legend. This hero is the prima donna for players playing his Legends on Mobile for the first time.

Although it does not have high-rank popularity, there are still many players who like playing this hero.

For this, we will give you the pros and cons of GatoKaca Mobile Legends.

Benefits of Gatokaca

As an advantage of Gatotkaca itself, quite a few players feel like it's a strong defense, but that defense can even become an offense.

The status is a tank hero, but the damage is large, and it is strong against core heroes at close range.

Weak point GatotKaca

Gatokaca's own weaknesses are quite many, but the most prominent is the ultimate, which has a long delay. This allows opponents to easily evade his 3 Gatokaca skills.

And of course, the Gatokaca attack does not hit the opponent and is useless. As such, it's hoped that Moonton will provide delay buffs to his three skills in Gatokaca, allowing him to play effectively.

Another weakness that can really be felt when playing Gatokaca is its low mobility, such as taking a long time to turn.

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