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Recommended pets for Tatsuya Free Fire characters

One of the strongest characters in Free Fire right now is Tatsuya. Tatsuya has a skill called "Rebellion Rush" that allows him to quickly dash in a specified direction.

Now, in order to maximize the abilities of Tatsuya's character, a variety of pets are available in Free Fire. please look at it.

Recommended pets for Tatsuya Free Fire characters

1. Rocky

The best pet recommendation that can be paired with a Tatsuya Free Fire character is Rocky, as you know Rocky has the ability to reduce the cooldown of the character's active skills that use it.

Of course, this pet is very suitable for pairing with Tatsuya. Because Rocky's ability allows Tatsuya's Rebel Rush to use his skills faster.

2. Panda

Pandas are a good second-best pet recommendation to pair with Tatsuya's character.

Well, Panda's abilities would certainly help Tatsuya attack his opponents. The pet panda itself has a skill called Panda's Blessing, which recovers HP when the opponent is defeated.

3. Agent Hop

The next pet recommendation that is good to pair with the Tatsuya Free Fire character is Agent Hop. This pet has the ability to give him EP whenever his safe zone shrinks.

Of course, using these skills makes Tatsuya stronger and invincible in battle. If you don't have this pet yet, you can refill and buy it with Free Fire diamonds first.

4. Dreki

Besides pandas, Dreki is the best pet to rely on if you play Tatsuya's character as Rusher. Drake himself has a skill called Dragon Glare.

This skill allows Dreki to view healing enemies behind walls and other obstacles. That way, it will be easier to attack the enemy suddenly.

5. Flash

Flash is the next free-fire pet recommendation that is suitable to pair with Tatsuya's character. This pet has the skill Steel Shell.

This skill has the effect of reducing damage from FF knives and bullets fired from behind. So you don't have to worry about being attacked from behind when attacking or fleeing.

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