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Recommended Counter Hero Martis Jungler Mobile Legends

Apart from Leomod Jungler, Martis is also one of the heroes recently used by Mobile Legends players to fill the role of Jungler. This hero his fighter gets a buff that makes him stronger and very deadly.

So if you are facing Martis Jungler here We have compiled some of the best heroes to go against Martis Jungler. I want to know which heroes I can trust to go against Martis Jungler See the following article.

Recommended Counter Hero Martis Jungler Mobile Legends

1. Minsitter

Minsitthar is one of the best fighter heroes in the game he can trust to take on Martis.

As we know, Minsitthar has an ultimate skill called King's Calling that can disable opponents from using their Blink skills.

This ability prevents Martis from using Mortal his Coil (Skill 2) and Decimation (Skill 3) skills at will. So using Minsitar to counter Martis is the right choice.

2. Phoveus

Phoveus is a reliable second-best option to go up against Martis Jungler. As you know, Martis' Mortal Coil skill can trigger Phoveus' Demonic Force (skill 3) skill.

That way it will be easier to attack Martis. Especially with proper Phoveus build support, Phoveus attacks can definitely become more powerful and lethal.

3. Diggie

As we know Martis has a lot of Cloud control skills. So Diggie Hero is the best way to overcome this.

Diggy has an ultimate skill called Time Journey, which erases all of his opponent's crowd control effects.

4. Franco

Franco is a versatile tank with great abilities. He's a hero. Franco is equipped with the skills of Iron Hook and Bloody Hunt, which allow him to catch enemies.

Combining these two skills, he can easily catch Martis so that other team members of his can defeat him.

5. Kaja

Our pick for the best hero for the next Martis jungle counter is Kaja. Kaja is a wizard hero with the ability to trap enemies by giving them a suppression effect.

Kaja's abilities allow Martis to easily stop the rest of his team from being killed along with his members. If you don't have Kaja Hero yet, you can top up and purchase Mobile Legends Diamonds first.

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