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Recommendations for the 3 Strongest Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends in the Late Game

In this late game, you should know our recommendations for Mobile Legends' three deadliest tank heroes.

In general, Mobile His Legendary Tank Hero gets tougher to beat later in the game due to thicker blood and armor.

In particular, his three strongest tank heroes in late-game Mobile Legends have very thick defenses and blood.

And of course, it makes it harder for opponents to pick him up during the match.Who are the three tank heroes?


First we have Baxia, and we see a thick hero with high mobility against Baxia. This one-tank hero is extremely difficult to penetrate armor and blood, and very few heroes can easily defeat Baxia.

The rest took quite some time, until Baxia died on the spot.


Then there's Tigreal. Specifically, Tigrel is thick not because of his blood, but because of his armor.

The armor itself must be destroyed with an item, so it's not a normal basic attack like thick blood.


Finally, we have Hylos. In the late game, Hylos' thick blood appears. It also takes a long time to beat.

When Hyros is attacked by a gang, his blood is so thick that it takes the team a long time to kill him.

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