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Ragnarok Retro Presents a Tons of New Features Update!

Indonesian Ragnarok enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice with the content and latest features of the more exciting PC game, Ragnarok Retro. Gravity Game Link has officially announced the existence of an update titled The Global Project 1, which will be released on October 26th, 2022. This shows his five new cities at once, including Amatsu, Ayosaya, Gongryung, Rowyan, and Jawai.

Ragnarok Retro is an online PC MMORPG game developed by Gravity and released by his Gravity Game Link in Indonesia. Ragnarok Retro is a game based on Ragnarok Online with Revo-Classic content, bringing back the experience and nostalgia of playing Ragnarok in the past to his Ragnarok fans in Indonesia.

“With the introduction of these new cities in Ragnarok Retro, our aim is to make the content of the game Ragnarok Retro more diverse by introducing an international culture. It was built on the design of the original city in the region of," said Harry Choi, president of Gravity Game Link.

"Apart from that, we're also introducing some new features, dungeons, quests, new monsters, and a variety of new items you can collect to prepare for a special advanced content update we're planning for the near future," said Harry. added Choi.

His five new cities, which the player can later explore, are based on locations that actually exist in the real world. See full information below.

1. Amatsu

The nuanced city of ninjas from the Ragnarok game is the hallmark of the city of Tianjin. The city has a castle design very similar to the original city in Japan.

2. Gongryung City Update

Gong Ryun in the real world is from Taiwan. Gonryu is an interesting tourist spot with beautiful scenery. One of the highlights is the Gongliung City Gate, which resembles the Taipei Gate.

3. Luoyang City Update

This city, which retains the vestiges of the former Chinese Empire, is a city of dragon legends. The city of Luoyang in Ragnarok Online is taken from the Chinese city of Luoyang. From the following figure, we can see that the design similarity of Luoyang is very similar to that of Beijing.

4. Ayutthaya City Update

Ayothaya, also known as the Golden City, is a Thai-themed city. Ayothaya can be reached by boat from the port in Alberta. Let's not forget that developer Ragnarok Online brought the splendor of Bangkok's Royal Thai Palace to the city of Ayutthaya.

5. Update Jawai City

500 years ago, a beautiful island was created from the melting of an ancient glacier known as Jawai City in Ragnarok Online. The beauty of this island is very similar to the beaches of Hawaii, which is why it is very popular among players of Ragnarok Online.

In this update, Gravity Game Link also brings two new features that will make it easier for players to adventure in Ragnarok Retro.

1. New: New Marketplace System

With the existence of a new market system, all adventurers no longer have to worry about leveling or looking for equipment to participate in Imperial Wars. Everything you need is here, from arrows to consumables like blue herbs.

2. New Feature: New Daily Quests

New daily quests are coming with this update, allowing you to enjoy various redeemable prizes. You can get equipment and outfits for free by doing daily missions provided by NPCs in new cities.

New Monster & MVP

You can meet new monsters and different types of MVPs in various new cities such as:

Amatsu: [MVP] Magic Samurai

A magical samurai who lives in the deepest dungeon of Tianjin City. He is a dark attribute monster with high combat power. Spell Samurai Card: This card allows you to bypass 100% hard defense monsters and players.

Ayothaya : [MVP] Lady Tunney

Lady Tunney has a unique figure with a banana tree on her side. Players should be careful, however, as ranged attacks are extremely painful. Lady Tunny Card: Using this card will increase the player's max SP by 50%!! Very suitable for Monk to use to enhance Ashura his Strike.

Gong Ryun: [MVP] Black Snake King

The Dark Snake Lord was the personification of monster greed and hatred. Its shape resembles a serpent demon in a noble hat. This MVP has a ghost element and is difficult to beat by normal means. Dark Snake Lord Card: This card completely disables players from being blinded and stunned!!

Luoyang : [MVP] White Lady

This MVP has a beautiful face. Be careful, though, because the attack hurts a lot. The White Lady also has an army ready to help her against the player! White Lady Card: +30% healing effect of skills and potions received by the player!! Very useful when the player is in trouble increase.

So, Ragnarok is an upcoming update to her retro. Don't miss the event with lots of prizes!

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