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PUBG Mobile Update Version 2.3, Must Try New Features

PUBG MOBILE launches version 2.3 update on November 17th, 2022, themed around Lionel Messi and the Nuances of the 2022 World Cup.

Make sure you have a good network environment and enough storage on your device for a fast and smooth update.

Update the game on November 15-17, 2022 (UTC+0) and get 3,000 BP, 100 AG and Magical Knight Helmet (3 days). What's in PUBG MOBILE version 2.3? Check out the details below!

New mode, collaboration with Lionel Messi

Experience the new soccer-themed gameplay, Football His Mania, as football legend Lionel Messi feels the elation of his World Cup 2022 and the architectural beauty of the Middle East.

New launch areas, items, weapons and vehicles!

Football Carnival: The mine tunnel area has been completely overhauled into a spectacular football carnival.

Messi's Golden Boots: This item allows you to run faster. This item can also be reactivated when you want to feint.

Wonder Football: Curling Kick the ball at the opponent's feet with his kick. After a short delay, suck in enemies within a certain distance in the direction the ball landed.

Zorb Football Vehicle: Pick up and use this item to cover the player with a giant joystick-controlled soccer ball. Players can work with teammates to kick their vehicle into the air like a soccer ball.

Soccer Arenas (Erangel and Livik only): Soccer Arenas appear in many areas. Travel to specific areas and complete big goals in Wonder Football to open chests and earn rewards.

He also has two small goals hidden around the football field. Find and score goals in Wonder Football and open chests outside the arena for surprise prizes.

Sucker Flare Gun (Erangel Only): Replaces all Flare Guns with Sucker Flare Gun. A soccer drop appears in the form of a soccer ball and can be pushed by the player like a ball.

Gigafootball (Erangel only): A large soccer ball-shaped shelter spawns randomly. This shelter can be pushed around, has a certain amount of HP, and explodes after taking a certain amount of damage.

Spawn Island-Themed Soccer (Erangel Only): On Spawn Island, you can view and play Messi's Golden Boot, Wonder Football, Zorb Football Vehicle, and Football Carnival Rail Soccer.

New event themed around the 2022 World Cup

From November 20, 2022 to his December 3, 2022, the player gets a team-up rating protection bonus, bonus rating points, 2x challenge points, 2x his popularity from LIKE, 2x synergies can do.

Separately, from November 20th to December 18th, 2022, PUBG MOBILE will host a Unite Your Team event where players can build a soccer team to play against other players' teams.

Players can predict the outcome of each match to win additional prizes. His 100 players with the best predictions will also receive an exclusive title.

Players can also check their team build records for the last six seasons to see victory stats and other information.

Here, players can also find out who is most often invited to play with them.

Aftermath mode official release!

After going through various trial phases, Aftermath Mode will officially launch on December 2nd, 2022. Aftermath Mode is based on the latest version of the Livik map, with many enhancements of course. Apart from Aftermath, updates are also planned for the Nusa, Erangel, and Livik maps.

PUBG Mobile Weapon Balancing Update 2.3

In version 2.3 his 4 weapons have been rebalanced:


Improved firing performance when aiming and reloading


Base damage increased from 79 to 82.

Rim shot damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.

Projectile speed increased from 760 m/s to 850 m/s.

Increased bolt action speed and reduced shot interval by 30%.


Rim shot damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.

Projectile speed increased from 760 m/s to 850 m/s.

Increased bolt action speed and reduced shot interval by 30%.


The Rim shot damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.

Increased bolt-action speed and reduced firing interval by 20%.

Meanwhile, the 3 types of weapon attachments will also be adjusted as follows:

  • Compensator (Sniper)

The weapon effective range increased by 10%.

Bullet spread he reduced by 10%.

  • Flash Hider (Sniper)

Bullet spread was reduced by 5%.

  • Cheek Pads

Bullet spread was reduced by 10%.

Reduces bullet scattering when using sights by 10%.

New Season Rankings: Cycle 3 Season 9

A new season of Ranked Mode, Cycle 3 Season 9 (C3S9), will be available from November 19, 2022, to January 17, 2023. C3S9 goggles, C3S9 suit, C3S9 parachute, C3S9 – M24, C3S9 mask and hat C3S9.

Introduced this season, the new Target Tier system allows players to set and achieve goals to earn prizes.

Update PUBG MOBILE to the latest version 2.3 now and experience exciting new content!

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