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PHILIPS and KRAFTON Collaborate to Start PUBG Battleground at 'Philips Evnia Games NOV 2022

November 17, 2022, At the "Philips Evnia Games 2022" where PHILIPS and KRAFTON cooperate to launch Battleground PUBG, famous KOLs and influencers from 6 countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Indonesia All the way to the finals when you enter the battlefield and start fighting.

Under the slogan "One Voice for All", the tournament represents the diversity of gamers and the joy of playing games. The PUBGM battlefield is filled with his KOL competing for the power of Phillips gaming his monitor made for gamers!

Support gamers with the gaming monitor they need. As well as providing the best gaming experience in each session.

Evnia is the representative of Philips' newly launched premium gaming monitor series, prioritizing the emotional benefits of gamers and backed by superior specs and performance.

"Philips Evnia games 2022" is a competition and a conference between famous his KOLs and influencers from different countries. "Julio" and "Makgi Gaming" from Thailand, "Robertus Rombeng" and "Enryu" from Indonesia, "Deception (딩셉션)" from South Korea, "RIP113" and "Bé Cơ" from Vietnam, "Jack Logan" from the Philippines, etc. . , etc. See who wins this match and win a Philips gaming monitor unit!

Watch his KOL live at the national qualifiers for each country on Nov 26-Dec 4, 2022, and the Grand Finals on Dec 10, 2022. Do not miss it!

Match schedule:

country qualifier

November 26, 2022, Thailand

November 26, 2022, Vietnam

November 27, 2022, South Korea

December 2, 2022, Taiwan

Philippines on December 3, 2022

December 4, 2022, Indonesian

grand final

December 10, 2022

Redefine the rules of the game with Philips evnia monitors and accessories 800c4


country qualifier

Champion :

Momentum Gaming Monitor 27", 3000 Series.

AOC keyboard, mouse and headset.

Regional Finals

Champion :

Momentum Gaming Monitor 27", M1 Series.

AOC keyboard, mouse, and headset.

runner up :

Momentum Gaming Monitor 27", 5000 Series.

AOC keyboard, mouse, and headset.

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Be Cơ :

KR Deception (딩셉션):

PH Jack Logan:

TW Kaisi K7 :

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Evenia's slogan reflects the mantra of "reinventing the rules". A far cry from the usual gaming stereotypes, her Evnia exudes luxury and elegance in a freshness. From the product line to his Ambiglow lamps, Evnia puts technical excellence first.

The futuristic design suits everyone, not just gamers, so it's perfect for the casual gamer to complement his room or his latest PC setup. Starting with this release, the Evnia series of monitors will release the following products. 27 inch VA curved screen).

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