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Overwatch 2 Switch Brings Major Changes to the Best Tanker Heroes

Overwatch has officially made the long-awaited transition to Overwatch 2. Released free-to-play, the sequel introduces new game modes, heroes, cosmetics, and some balance changes. Overwatch 2 Switch brings big changes to tanker heroes too. 

Some players may be saddened to hear that the original game is currently unplayable offline, which means it needs some much-needed changes and updates. One of the biggest changes from Overwatch to Overwatch 2 is the switch from 6v6 to 5v5, with each team playing with one of his tanks instead of two.

This change will definitely impact META, along with many per-hero changes. Overwatch 2's changes also have a big impact on tank classes. Junker Queen only has one new tank at the moment, but the switch to singles has shifted the meta. Previously, some tanks were considered primary, while others could fill out-tank slots and were more focused on dealing damage and fending off trouble from other teams. However, the main tank was able to focus on protecting the low-health heroes. All this responsibility falls on the shoulders of a single tank, which affects the effectiveness of each hero.

Some heroes were completely remade for Overwatch 2, while others received only minor tweaks to their kit. This applies to many tank crews. Players can certainly enjoy the diversity of heroes, but some tanks are better than others.

That said, none of these heroes are completely bad choices, but some are arguably more useful than others, below are his 10 tank heroes in Overwatch 2, each with their strengths, Categorized based on skills, abilities, and uses.

10. Doomfist

While there are no bad tank choices in Overwatch 2, Doomfist suffers from his origins as a new DPS hero and single-tank his meta. With his new 5v5 structure, the tank should be able to absorb a lot of damage without going down, but it can also distract the enemy team. Doomfist is good at distracting his opponents and uses his abilities to quickly enter combat and defeat them. His Power Block ability allows him to absorb some damage and gain some shields, increasing his usefulness as a tank.

The downside is that Doomfist is at his best when he's deep inside the enemy team and knocks people out. Between his small body and low health pool compared to other tanks, Doomfist is one of the team's Great for reducing or taking damage. If you have two tanks, that's fine, but since you only have one tank, Doomfist isn't as loud as a tank. Others are on the list.

9. DVA

D.VA is another tank that suffers from the switch to 5v5, though not as much as Doomfist. Based solely on the Defense Matrix, it has a very limited ability to mitigate damage. Aside from that ability, the primary way to mitigate damage was actually blocking incoming damage. That's fine, but other tank characters have better mitigation or endurance-boosting abilities.

His tanking ability leaves a lot to be desired, but he's able to consistently deal massive amounts of damage, which balances him out a bit. Rockets are effective and his shots don't require reloads or cooldowns, so D.VA can contribute more damage as his dealer, but unless you have a good healer on your team, this mechanism has no effect. He is no longer positive that D.VA he is a pilot when the 'Mech is destroyed. Because it increases the amount of time your team will be without a tank unless you can stay alive. This is much more difficult without other tankers.

8. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking his ball playstyle is similar to Doomfist, evolving with his ability to harass the enemy team while dealing damage. Wrecking Ball is better than Doomfist, with a kit that works both as a disruptor and as a tank. First, his survivability is much better, higher health, and adaptive he has two ways to get extra health using his shield. He can also deal massive amounts of damage by swinging enemies around with his grappling hook or shooting them with his machine gun.

Her ultimate ability can drop many mines, knocking the enemy team off target and turning the tide of battle. Wrecking Ball is a solid choice, but again, in one tank game, You have to balance the annoying m.

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