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One Tank That Will Be Weak in the Upcoming Mobile Legends Patch Update

 This MLBB's Strongest Tank Hero Gets Nerf, Becomes Weak Auto! Currently, there are various tank heroes that are quite OP in Mobile Legends that you can use to fight in the Land of Dawn.

The reason is, these heroes are often played in various positions, both as junglers, explainers, and even roamers because some of the current tank heroes are too OP.


Realizing this, Moonton seems to be moving quickly by reportedly doing a big nerf against this one tank hero.

Therefore, here is a tank that will be weak in the upcoming Mobile Legends patch update.

Akai Will Not Be the Strongest Tank in Mobile Legends

Interestingly, this hero is Akai who has recently become a favorite tank hero because of his very high flexibility.

This hero can be placed anywhere, whether as a jungler, explainer, roamer, or even a midlaner, as demonstrated by ONIC Esports.

Of course, this is inseparable from Akai's skills as well as HP, which makes it difficult for his opponents to easily defeat him.

Until finally, he will soon get a big nerf from Mobile Legends which will make him like this.

Skill 1

Cooldown which was previously 11-9 seconds will now be slightly longer, namely 13-10 seconds based on level.


Base HP which was previously 2769 will be reduced to 2669

With this nerf, it is certain that Akai will not become the strongest tank hero like before in ML thanks to a significant decrease in Base HP.

Apart from that, nerfing his skill 1 will also make this hero unable to be as violent as in the previous version.

This nerfs itself has just been applied to the upcoming ML patch update in early December.

Therefore, it's certainly interesting to look forward to a big nerf against Akai, who is the strongest tank hero currently in MLBB.

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