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Mobile Legends Best Hero Counter Leomord Jungler's Recommendations

Leomord is one of the most controversial fighter heroes in Mobile Legends ranked mode these days. Leomord has extraordinary abilities, which makes it very difficult to defeat this hero.

No matter how strong he is, it doesn't mean he can't win against Leomord. In this article, we discuss his Leomod Mobile Legends hero and his counters that can be used in the game.

Mobile Legends Best Hero Counter Leomord Jungler's Recommendations

1. Valir

The first recommendation for Leomord's hero counter is Valir. This hero-mage has a nasty skill that will surely hinder Leomold's movements.

Valir makes Leomod harder to hit, plus Valir's combination of his Searing Torrent and Burst Fireball skills limit Leomod's movement.

2. Franco

Franco is one of those tank heroes who can nullify enemy movements with his skills. In the case of Franco, Leomord thinks twice before entering his opponent's defense and attacks them.

Franco has the Bloody Hunt skill, which allows him to give Leomord a crowd-control effect. Therefore, using Franco to counter Leomodd is the right choice. can be refilled and purchased with Mobile Legends diamonds first.

3. Kaja

Of course, stopping Leo Mode's movement requires a hero with good Cloud control skills. So one of the heroes with high Crowd Control skills is Kaja.

Kaja has a skill called Divine Judgment that can instantly stop Leomold's movements. This skill can also be used by Kaja to kidnap his Leomod, allowing him to settle things with other teammates.

4. Grock

Grock is a reliable next-best hero recommendation to take on Leomod Jungler. This hero tank has a very strong endurance ability.

In addition, Glock can also deal considerable damage to enemies. His abilities allow Glock to become the team's initiator and his hero.

5. Chou

Chou is a reliable second-best hero recommendation to counter the Leomod jungle. This hero fighter has excellent cloud control ability and can also evade enemy attacks with his skills.

Therefore, choosing Chou to counter Leomold was the right choice.

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