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List of OP Heroes in Mobile Legends that Fanny Can Easily Beat

You should know that Fanny can beat the 3 current Mobile Legends op heroes easily, who are these heroes?

Fanny is a hero with the most difficult gameplay in Mobile Legends as well as the deadliest assassin hero.

With just one attack, Fanny is guaranteed to kill if her 2nd skill hits the opponent then all she has to do is press her ultimate.

So regarding that, we have 3 op heroes in Mobile Legends that Fanny can easily beat, even though they are currently meta.


First, there is Gusion, yep, as agile as Gusion is, no matter how strong he is, Fanny can easily beat Gusion even in just a few attacks.

Meanwhile, Gusion will find it difficult to beat Fanny, because Fanny's gameplay is so agile.


Then there is Lesley, as strong as Lesley is, she is just an ordinary hero in front of Fanny, Fanny can easily beat Lesley in one attack.

Even when Lesley was in disappearance mode using skill 1, she was still easily defeated by Fanny.


Finally, there is Leomord, Fanny's fast gameplay coupled with his agile movements make it difficult for Leomord to beat him.

On the contrary, Fanny could easily come and kill Leomord, especially if Leomord was near the wall.

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