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List of Best Weapons for Tatsuya Free Fire Characters

After announcing an update yesterday for September 2022, Free Fire unveiled its latest male character named Tatsuya. Tatsuya's ability to move faster was able to destroy the current meta. The best combination of skills for your character

In addition to using the right weapon, of course, has become a major requirement for any player who wants to win easily. 

Now, on this occasion, we have made his Tatsuya Free Fire character I would like to introduce some of the best weapons for what kind of weapon is that? Now, take a look at the review in the article below.

5 Best Weapons for Tatsuya Free Fire Characters


The weapon of choice for Tatsuya's first character is his MP40. As one of the SMG weapons, the MP40 has the highest rate of fire, reaching 83. MP40 is therefore very high on his damage per second.

For close to medium-range combat he can rely on his MP40 weapon. Even with the MP40 character, you can shoot and shake the enemy team in combat.


The M1887 is one of the Free-hi-hi-hi-fire shotgun weapons that can deal massive damage, reaching 100.

The combination of the M1887 Weapon and Tatsuya characters is extremely deadly as Tatsuya's skill makes it easier for the M1887 Weapon user to jump and perform his jump shot trick while shooting enemies.

3. Groza

This Assault Rifle (AR) type weapon has pretty good accuracy and rate of fire. Groza's weapon advantage makes it easier for Tatsuya's character to shoot enemies from close, medium, or very long range.

Groza is also one of his AR weapons that is strong from the start without using attachments. With a few bullets, Tatsuya's character was able to eliminate the enemy.


The weapon of choice for Tatsuya's next character is his M1014. In addition to the M1887, the M1014 weapon also helps Tatsuya's character take down enemies quickly. A single bullet can kill an enemy with a melee attack.

In addition to being able to deal massive damage, the M1887 weapon's user can continuously shoot enemies until eliminated in combat, as he can hold seven bullets per reload. I can do it.

5. Vectors

The strongest weapon of Tatsuya's last character is Vector. Vector's weapons are perfect for players who love playing barbarians. This is because Vector has a high rate of fire ability and can do a lot of damage from melee attacks.

In addition, Vector Weapons also have an Akimbo mode that allows Tatsuya's character to hold two weapons at once. When in Akimbo mode, Tatsuya's character can deal twice as much damage as Vector's weapon.

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