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Lionel Messi Named Captain of PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup

PUBG MOBILE, one of the world's most popular mobile games, is proud to bring you tons of new features with its version 2.3 update.

This update kicks off football season with the PUBG MOBILE Global Chicken Cup, featuring updated maps, themed gameplay, in-game activities, merchandise, and more.


The PUBG MOBILE Global Chicken Cup preview featured some interesting additions, including details on his upcoming PUBG MOBILE partners.

Many changes from Erangel

Starting with this exciting update, there are many changes to Erangel as part of the version 2.3 update and the PUBG MOBILE Global Chicken Cup!

To celebrate the sports season, a new soccer theme park with soccer fields and soccer-themed activities is ready to be added to the game.

In this update, many items such as sneakers for players will be added.

Players can participate in social events and win lots of great prizes!Players can also go to the football field and get a chance to score goals with his portable football.

Lionel Messi Becomes PUBG Mobile Captain

The event builds on his one of his best PUBG MOBILE collaborations to date, featuring football legend, international star, and sports icon Lionel Messi Announced as captain of his PUBG MOBILE Global Chicken Cup.

Celebrate Messi's illustrious career in the world of sports with a variety of activities on different maps and game modes. The theme is Messi, the GOAT of the soccer world!

In addition to soccer-themed content, the Erangel, Aftermath, and Livik maps will be heavily modified in this update.

Aftermath has been completely overhauled, with comprehensive upgrades to maps, armor, firearms, energy systems, and more, along with new gameplay mechanics to keep your matches fresh and interesting.

Players will also experience changes and improvements to other maps, such as adding weather effects to Livik.

The version 2.3 update for PUBG MOBILE is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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