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Layla is an Underrated Marksman Hero but is Actually very OP in Mobile Legends Rank

Knowing this, you should know that Layla is actually very powerful in the Mobile Legends ranks!

Layla is an underrated archer hero, but she actually has some pretty terrible abilities. Her damage is very high early in the game and her attack range is also very wide.

Unfortunately, however, many are reluctant to use Layla due to her low mobility. Yes, it's true and very deadly.

But really, if you knew this before playing Layla, she could really flourish in her Mobile Legends ranks and become a deadly archer hero. what is that?

See enemy draft picks first

An important thing to do before using Layla is to first check the enemy draft of her picks. Layla's biggest weakness is her low mobility.

So if the opposing team uses minimal scoop her heroes or a few heroes that can kidnap you, she can choose Layla.

Layla is very weak against scoop heroes due to her own poor mobility, so you should check the enemy draft picks before using Layla.

Picking the first or middle one could quickly become a danger to Layla herself, so she can choose Layla last. Potential scoop heroes like Natalia, Lancelot, Chow, and Kaja could all make an appearance.

Layla's pick itself really guarantees that she can easily win in the lane, so her long-range attack allows her to win a duel with anyone in gold lane.

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