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How to Get the Sports Car Galaxy Skin on FFWS Hyperbook FREE FIRE!

FFWS 2022 has released several special edition skin items which are exclusive and only available during this event period. Not only that, but the released skins also have a unique and rare designs for sure.

There are many items that have an FFWS theme with a really cool design, which matches the skin that is being carried by FFWS this season, which has a Galaxy-themed look.

One of the items that catch the attention of players the most is the skin available in the FFWS Galaxy Hyperbook that we previously leaked.

Of course, every item with a unique and rare design will be difficult to get, and of course, requires a lot of diamonds.

So, for those of you who want the Sports Car Galaxy skin on FFWS Hyperbook, let's look at the following trick to get it at a low price!

Skin Sports Car Galaxy at FFWS Hyperbook

Galaxy is the main skin theme in the FFWS event later this year. Several items are the main prizes with this skin, such as Loot Boxes, Sports Cars, Backpacks, Gloo Walls, Katana, Gun skins, and Emotes.

Players can have a series of these cool items by opening the FFWS Hyperbook, where if you open the 8 tiers of prizes you need at least 5 to 6 thousand diamonds.

To get a lower price, you can directly buy the FFWS Hyperbook at the Shop with a discount of 100 diamonds for the next week.

Next, you have to open each book page with the FFWS Hyperbook Token in order to get each prize.

An FFWS Hyperbook Token costs 10 diamonds, but to get a cheaper price you can buy FFWS Hyperbook Crate for 40 diamonds.

Apart from that, you can also get as many as 20 FFWS Hyperbook Tokens for free by topping up 400 diamonds, and can also be obtained at low prices in the latest Luck Royale FF.

Meanwhile, you can claim the Sports Car Galaxi prize by opening the second page.

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