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How to find and reach Aeonblight Drake Genshin Impact

All characters in Genshin Impact can be leveled up. Leveling up can be done with items that give EXP, but Ascension requires a certain amount of materials.

Ascension always includes elemental stones, boss drops, general drops, and some local specialties. The boss drops included here are obtained by defeating open-world bosses, such as the Genshin Impact Ionbright Drake.

How to find and reach Aeonblight Drake Genshin Impact

Ionbright Drake is the World Boss of Genshin Impact, who lives in Mount Devantaka. To reach the Ionbright Drake, you'll need to head to the Teleport Waypoint marked on Mount Devantaka. Then enter the nearest cave and stay on the right side. Now, we arrive at the room where Aeonbright Drake lives.

How to defeat Ionbright Drake

Genshin Impact's Aeonblight Drake is a robot, so he has a high physical resistance of 70%, while he only has his Elemental RES of 10% of his standard against all other types of his DMGs. I did.

However, if the player does not interfere with the boss while charging, Ion Bright Drake will absorb the most damaging element and gain an additional 60% of his RES for that element.

The state of charge is easily recognizable when the boss slowly creates a golden ball above his head. The battlefield is then bombarded with missiles. You will also get a prompt on the screen if elemental absorption occurs.

The Traveler can immobilize this boss his monster by revealing a weakness (the dot glows yellow when exposed). Where to go depends on the situation. Aeonbright drakes can walk on the ground (grounded) or flap their wings to fly.

Grounded state: Hit your head when entering the charging state

Flight state: Hit the boss's wings (left and right)

Ion Bright Disabling his drake makes him defenseless for a few seconds and also removes elemental RES.

Drake Aeonblight's Recommended Party

Aeonblight Drake was relatively easy to push because he didn't have the annoying invulnerability stat like his other Perpetual Mechanical Array bosses his monsters. However, if the player is unable to defeat him without avoiding elemental absorption, it is highly recommended to bring in two different elements his damage his dealer.

Also, Aionbright Drakes are difficult to hit while flying, so archer units and long-range Catalyst users are also useful in parties. In order to exploit this monster's weak point, archers should be prioritized.

Ion Bright Here are some character builds for conquering his drakes.

  • Walnut + Star Hill + Yelang + Thoma
  • Tignari + General Raiden + Sara Kujo + Nakatsu
  • Yoimiya + Star Hill + Unshin + Zhongli
  • Gayu + Kamikawa + Enhi + Kaedehara Ichiyo 

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