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Hero Recommendations for Counter Faramis Revamp

One of the current favorite support heroes is Faramith. Since its revamp, this hero has become a tire subscription and a point of contention for all players in the game. This is because Faramith's abilities are extremely superior, and they are extremely useful during wars and team fights.

If a team has a Faramith hero, that team has a great chance of winning wars and team fights. Well, if you're dealing with Faramith heroes, you can counter them with some of the following Mobile Legends heroes.

Hero Recommendations for Counter Faramis Revamp

1. Valentina

Faramis first hero counter pick is Valentina. This mage his hero is really unique in his skills Valentina can steal the opponent's ultimate skills.

Therefore, you can use this ability to steal Faramis' Cult Altar skill. Make sure your team members don't have to worry when wars and team fights break out.

But make sure the stealing skill is Faramith's ultimate skill. That's right, it's not the ultimate skill of other enemy heroes.

2. Akai

Akai is the next Faramis his hero his counter recommendations are available in the game. This hero tank has a unique skill called Heavy Spin that can push enemies away.

Of course, this skill can be used to scatter the opponent's formation when a war or team fight occurs. For those who don't have an Akai Hero, you can refill and purchase Mobile Legends Diamonds.

3. Yin

Yin is one of the strongest fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. Yin has a skill called My Turn that allows her to invite one of the enemy heroes to her domain.

Well, you can use this skill to kidnap Faramith during wars and team fights.

Well, these are some of the best heroes you can count on to take on Faramis Mobile Legends.

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