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Hero Counter Esmeralda Offliner Mobile Legends, Auto WIN

Esmeralda is currently one of the strongest Mage Heroes chosen to fill the role of Offlaner. Esmeralda is capable of producing great magic damage and has very strong durability during early-game phases and late-game phases.

Hero Her Esmeralda also has a very high movement speed thanks to the first skill his ability cooldown which can provide an unlimited movement speed bonus. So Esmeralda can rotate quickly. Well, to counter the Esmeralda Offline hero, we summarized in this article

You can use some of her Mobile Legends hero recommendations to be the strongest.

Hero Counter Esmeralda Offliner Mobile Legends

1. Dyroth

The best hero to counter his Esmeralda Offline, in the beginning, is the Dyroth. As a fighter hero, Dyroth can easily penetrate Esmeralda's defenses thanks to her Skill 2 ability called Specter Step. This ability can greatly reduce Esmeralda's physical defense.

Dyroth can also deal huge bursts of his damage when enemy heroes enter the early stages of the game. This is to allow Dyrroth to easily secure his laning phase when facing opposing heroes.

2. Gusion

The next best hero to counter Esmeralda Offline is Gusion. Gusion is a typical Assassin with his damage burst his hero and can quickly defeat enemy heroes using only combo his skills.

In addition to dealing lethal damage, Gusion also possesses agility, allowing him to easily slip in and out during team fights. Make it easier for Gusion to break through the opposing team's defenses.

3. Valir

The next best hero to counter Esmeralda Offline is Valir. The hero Valir has clouded her control abilities, which can make it difficult for Esmeralda to approach her teammates. Because Valir can give the opposing team a slow and knockback effect.

Valir also has an ultimate skill ability called Vegane Flame that can remove all Crowd Control effects from enemy hero attacks. If you don't already have this hero, first get his Mobile Legends diamonds can be replenished.

4. Thamuz

The next best hero to take on Esmeralda Offline is Tammuz. Sam's ability is to throw a scythe to slow Esmeralda down, dealing additional physical damage.

In addition to being able to easily suppress Esmeralda's movement, Tammuz has very high durability. These advantages can make it harder for the opposing team to defeat his Thamuz during team fights.

5. Karrie

The perfect hero to counter Esmeralda Offline is Karrie. Esmeralda has a very strong defense, but this hero is typical for her high damage per second. is her Karrie hero.

Karrie is also a Marksman hero that is hard to catch in team fights due to his quick movement and agility. This ability allows Carrie to avoid Esmeralda's deadly attacks.

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