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Here's How to Get Headshots Easily on Free Fire

Headshots are shots to the enemy's head, which of course do more damage than shots to other body parts. The reason is.

Of course, getting a headshot isn't easy. Therefore, we take this opportunity to explain how to headshot in Free Fire can be applied in the game. Want to know how to get headshots? Read this article to the end now!

How to get a headshot in free fire

1. Use convenient sensitivity

Each player has their own playing style, so you should adjust the sensitivity you use according to your playing comfort.

To adjust the sensitivity, you can adjust it by playing in training mode.

2. Customize Custom UHD

A custom UHD or button layout in-game is also very important for comfortable setup and adjustment.

Of course, each player also has a different custom UHD. Please adjust the position of the fire button according to your convenience.

That way you can easily get headshots in the game.

3. Use the right weapon

Using the best weapons in Free Fire also helps you aim for headshots in the game.

Of course, using a weapon that matches the combat distance makes it easier to get a headshot.

4. Make a jump shot

The next way to get headshots in the game is to do the jump shot trick.

Jumping makes it easier to aim at the enemy's head.

If you can do the jump shot trick, you have a better chance of getting a headshot.

5. Use precision characters

To get headshots easily, you can also take advantage of Free Fire characters like Laura who can increase your accuracy.

If you don't have a character that can improve accuracy like Laura, you can replenish and purchase Free Her Fire Her Diamonds.

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