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Genshin Impact Features a New Banner and Limited Character Set

Genshin Impact has officially revealed the four-star character who will be appearing alongside Nahida and Yae Miko in the first banner of update 3.2.The announcement was shared by the Twitter account @GenshinImpact Monday (31/10). I was.

As usual, Genshin Impact presents a different set of new banners and exclusive characters.Recently, Genshin has officially revealed three of his four-star characters that will appear in the first banner of his 3.2 update. 

I made it The official livestream for Genshin Impact update 3.2 confirmed that two of her popular five-star characters, Nahida and Yae Miko, will be appearing in the first double his banner.

Meanwhile, after months of speculation, the new Dendro his Archon will finally arrive with his third Sumeru update arriving around November 2nd, according to livestreaming his event.

Each exclusive Genshin Impact character banner includes 1 5-star character and 3 4-star characters. 5 stars are much more difficult to obtain as they are much rarer, i.e. every 90 requests you make 90 wishes with a guaranteed 5 star drop. According to the game's official Twitter account, Genshin Impact version 3.2's first double banner will include the following characters:

Nahida - 5 Star Dendro Catalyst User

Yae Miko - Five Star Electrocatalyst User

Bennett - 4 Star Pyrosword Wielder

Noel - 4 Star Geo His Claymore User

Razor - 4 Star Electro Claymore User

According to much of the community, the 4-star lineup is a bit controversial as it features all the characters that have appeared in the game since version 1.0. This means that most of the older players are likely already maxed out at most of these four stars of his zodiac level. 

On the other hand, it should also be noted that he is probably one of the best banners for new players as this includes a very strong starting lineup.

Bennett has always been considered one, if not the strongest 4-star character in the game, as she can customize almost any Genshin Impact team composition. Creates an area of ​​effect that provides healing and appropriate damage buffs. Players need to make Bennett at least her C1 to remove her HP limit on Burst her buff.

Razor can also be added to team compositions that require her powerful Genshin Impact DPS character. He's no longer considered an S-tier, but with Razor in a full constellation, he can get the job done at most parties. The final four-star character, Noel, is a decent healer, though he could adapt his DPS role if needed.

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