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Build Zhask Hurts Mobile Legends 2022, Full Damage

Zhask is one of the Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends with a very high attack speed ability. He looks pretty creepy, but early in the game, Zask can do a lot of burst damage.

What is so unique about Zask's hero is his ability where he has two types of his HP at once. Of course, this ability can make it harder for the opposing team to defeat Zask's hero during a team fight.

We discuss his Build Zhask recommendations for the most morbid Mobile Legends 2022 you can use in your game.

Build Zhask hurts Mobile Legends 2022

The image above is his Zhask build recommendation for the best in Mobile Legends at the moment. A description of the items is as follows.

1. Arcane Boots Shoes

The first item that can be used to fill the Build Zhask array is the Arcane Boots. This item has base stats that can increase the movement speed of Zhask heroes. This makes it move faster.

Arcane Boots items can also provide additional Magical Penetration, making Early his damage from his Zhask hero in the game extremely painful and deadly.

2. Clock of Destiny

The next item to hurt Build Zhask is the Clock of Destiny. Entering the early game phase, you can rely on this item to increase the damage burst from Zask's attacks even more. Because Clock of Destiny can provide additional Magic Power, HP, and Mana.

The Clock of Destiny item also has a unique passive called Time that can provide additional HP and Magic Attack every 20 seconds, up to 20 times. Zhask regains an extra magic attack when the stack reaches maximum.

3. Lightning truncheon

The next item to hurt Build Zhask is the Lightning Truncheon. Best Mage His item, Lightning Truncheon, has so much magic power, cooldown reduction, and added mana that it can also maximize burst damage from Zask's hero attacks.

Additionally, Lightning Truncheon has a unique passive called Resonate that activates every 6 seconds, causing the next skill to bounce off his abilities, causing him to deal significant extra magic damage to 3 enemy heroes at once. I can.

4. Calamity Reaper

The next item to hurt Build Zhask is the Calamity Reaper. The Calamity Reaper item has a unique passive called his Calamity that activates within 3 seconds of him using a Zhask hero skill, the next basic attack he has on a 1.5-second cooldown and he Gives 120% True Damage of Magic Power.

Calamity Reaper items also have base stats that grant Zhask additional Magic Power, Mana, Mana Regen, and increased cooldown reduction.

5. Holy crystal

The next item to hurt Buildzask is the Holy Crystal. The presence of the Holy Crystal item allows Zask's power to be maximized even further than before, thanks to the addition of a very large magical power.

Another of his abilities that makes Holy Crystal very unique is that he can increase the magic attack power of Zask's heroes by 21-35% which will continue to increase depending on the hero's level.

6. Wings of Blood

The last item to hurt Build Zhask is Blood Wings. In addition to being able to gain a ton of HP, the Blood Wings item can also give Zhask a very large amount of additional Magic Power. So that Zask can easily penetrate powerful enemy hero defenses.

Bloodwing's unique passive ability can provide a shield effect equal to 200% magical power, and gains an additional shield effect when destroyed.

Well, that's the description of the most morbid Zhask build of him that you can try to maximize Zhask's powerful abilities.

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