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Afraid to Fight Aulus, You Can Pick This Hero Mage To Counter Him!

You are in a situation where the enemy chooses Auras, so all you have to do is use this one wizard hero against Auras.

Aulus is one of his heroes on the rise after he got a significant buff from Moonton in his previous Mobile Legends patch.

He's weak in the early game, but very deadly in the late game or over 12 minutes. Usually, with his items ready, Aulus was able to take out enemies easily.

So those who are afraid to fight Aulus can choose this mage hero to go against him!


This hero is Valir and like Aulus Valir himself has been on the rise in his Mobile Legends lately and is often a banned subscription for players.

Valir himself is a counter for melee heroes such as Leomord, Martis, Khufra, Atlas, and Esmeralda, and other melee heroes can easily be countered by Valir.

Including Aulus, especially in the early game when Aulus is very weak and helpless, he can be easily defeated by Valir, but Valir ruined his early game, so Aulus can be defeated in the late game. Nothing can be done.

Of course, Aurus himself has to fight at close range, and he can't deal damage from range, so the damage will be very small. Valir is therefore the most feared counter-hero to his Aulus.

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