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A Row of Effective Hero Counters for Kaja in Mobile Legends.

Once a forgotten hero, Kaja became one of the deadliest heroes in Mobile Legends after gaining the buff, making players the most effective counter hero to overthrow this hero.

Kaja himself has a variety of abilities that make him very difficult to deal with at the moment. Because this hero has CC that is hard to overcome with terrible magic damage.

Apart from that, this hero often surprises his opponents by suddenly ganking them in the bush.

So, below is a list of Kaja's hero counters that are effective enough to deal with this hero in Mobile Legends.


One of Kaja's annoyances with him is that this hero often attacks suddenly when he's in the bush.

Eudora, of course, responds to this with a combination of attacks, ensuring that Kaja is quickly killed with his combo.


Kaja, who has very low HP, will surely be nervous when facing Saber in the Land of Dawn.

In this hero's triple sweep, it is certain that Kaja is motionless and doesn't even have time to respond to attacks fired by Saber, as he has already been killed.


To anticipate Kaja's penchant for sudden attacks from the bushes, Nana will undoubtedly be the best option for dealing with this hero.

On top of that, Nana's passivity prevents Kaja from instantly killing this cute hero so easily.

This passive means that Nana turns into a small fox when her HP runs out. Here is a list of heroes who are very effective against Nana in his Mobile Legends at the moment.

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