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A fighter Hero Who Has Very OP Abilities But is Not Used by Players

There is one fighter hero who has very good abilities but is not used by players for this one reason. Who is this hero and why?

Some of the many fighter heroes in Mobile Legends are less popular or meta-immersed in his game for one trivial reason.

Why it's such a trivial thing, because when Moonton gives a hero a little buff, he can quickly enter and dominate the metagame.

Like Mobile Legends fighter heroes, very op abilities are underused for one trivial reason, what is it?


The hero we're talking about is Argus, a fighter hero with very frightening abilities.

This one hero is so bad that he's effectively used against Mobile Legends' chunky heroes and is really fun to play savagely.

But behind his op abilities Argus has one little thing about him that keeps him from getting into the meta-his game.

These trifles are ultimates that opponents can easily dodge and have short durations and too-long cooldowns.

If Argus has a better ultimate than he currently has, he could be the scariest fighter in his Legends Mobile.

However, if Moonton doesn't want to change his ultimate, this should give Argus a buff to his skill, either in the form of an accelerated cooldown or extended ultimate duration.

This is very important as Argus is a hero that relies heavily on his ultimate.

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