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5 Strongest Skill Combinations for Tatsuya Free Fire Characters

Free Fire is one of the battle royale games that continues to introduce new characters these days, and one of them is the newest character named Tatsuya. Tatsuya's character has an active skill called Rebellion Rush that allows him to move faster.

Tatsuya's character can move forward faster for 0.5 seconds, the cooldown skill reaches 30 seconds at max level, and the skill use limit is 2 times. This ability allows Tatsuya to easily catch up to or flee from the enemy team's attacks.

Now, to maximize the abilities of Tatsuya's character, here are we. I would like to put together a proper skill combination for the Tatsuya Free Fire character. So, if you want to know, read this article till the end!

5 Strongest Skill Combinations for Tatsuya Free Fire Characters

1. Jota

The strongest skill combination for the first Tatsuya character is Jota. Jota's ability allows Tatsuya to play even more aggressively. When Jota defeats an enemy with a shotgun-type weapon, he has the ability to restore a large amount of Tatsuya's HP.

The combination of skills between Tatsuya's characters is perfect for players who want to play Barbarian without fear of losing a lot of their HP after knocking or killing an enemy in combat.

2. J. Biebs

Tatsuya's abilities make it easier for the player to evade attacks by the enemy team, but his abilities do not always protect against these attacks, thus making Tatsuya and his J.Biebs character's Using a combination of skills is the right choice.

The character J Beeves has a skill called Silent Sentinel that allows him to use Energy Points (EP) to withstand up to 15% damage from enemy attacks. By combining the characters of Tatsuya and J. Biebs, you can strengthen your defense.

3. Awaken Hayato

The skill combination of the Tatsuya character and Hayato Awakening can deal tremendous attack damage. Hayato Awakening's passive skill (blade technique) increases armor penetration when the character's HP drops by 10%.

The more damage Hayato's character takes from enemy attacks, the more damage he inflicts on them. Make it easier for Tatsuya to kill the enemy team.

4. Kelly's Awakening

The next Tatsuya character's strongest skill combination is Kelly Awakening. Deadly Awakening Kelly's passive, her skill called Velocity, can deal 105% of her extra damage to enemies it hits.

In addition to taking extra damage, Kelly can also increase the character's movement speed by up to 6%. If you combine Tatsuya's skill and Kelly's awakening skill, it will become a special move.

5.D Bee

The best combination of skills for the final Tatsuya character is Kelly D-Bee. D-Bee's character has an ability that increases Tatsuya's character's movement speed by up to 30%, allowing him to move faster.

D-Bee's skill can also provide an additional 60% of his shooting accuracy when shooting while moving. Due to the presence of this ability, D-Bee can become one of the best characters who can make his shots more accurate.

Well, that describes the best combination of skills that can be used to make Tatsuya's character even more deadly.

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