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5 Pharsa Mobile Legends Counter Hero Picks

Fartha is currently one of the most popular and powerful Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero has very good abilities and can be relied on to fill mid lane positions.

It's pretty hard to face this one hero in the mid lane. So, in this article, we round up some of the best heroes for us to take on her Pharsa Mobile Legends. Want to know who the main character is? Read this article to the end now!

Pharsa Mobile Legends Counter Hero Picks

1. Kagura

Our pick for the first hero to counter Farsa is Kagura. This hero mage has enough range to play safely against Fartha.

Kagura also has very high burst damage. As you know, Kagura can evade attacks from Falsa and attack Falsa with her skills.

2. Chou

Her Pharsa weakness when using the Feathered Air Strike skill is subject to the Crowd Control effect. The Feathered Air Strike skill is only canceled when exposed to crowd control effects.

Now, one of the heroes she can jump in to give her a Crowd Control effect is her Chou. A hero fighter who will be the main force to defeat Falsa.

3. Saber

One of the assassin heroes you can rely on to counter Falsa is Saber, who has very good cloud control her skills.

Thanks to his skill, Saber can quickly enter the opponent's defense area and aim at Falsa to finish it off with a single combo.

4. Selena

Serena is the next best hero you can trust to counter Farsa in the game. Also, Serena is Romer's hero in the team

No wonder it is often trusted If you don't have the Serena hero, you can top up and buy Mobile Legends diamonds first.

5. Natalia

Falsa's next hero counter pick is Natalia. Natalia is one of the Assassin heroes with the ability to disappear.

This ability allows Natalia to attack Falsa silently. So these are some of the best mobile legend heroes you can trust to take on Farsa.

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