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5 Best Heroes Counter Gusion Revamp Mobile Legends

After Gusion's improvements in yesterday's patch update, his passive skill abilities have become even more deadly.

As we know, Gusion is one of the Assassin Heroes with deadly skills. In addition, Gusion's combo skill makes him very easy to defeat, especially for enemy heroes with low HP on him. of heroes can be defeated.

Well, if you want to know which heroes you can count on to take on Gusion, you can quickly refer to the article We present below!

5 Best Heroes Counter Gusion Revised Mobile Legends 2022

1. Minsitter

The best hero to counter the first Gusion Revamp is Minsitthar. As a fighter hero, Minsitthar has very high durability. This makes it difficult for Gusion users to defeat Minsitter in team battles.

Minsitthar also has skill abilities with a high crowd control effect. One of them is his ultimate skill (King's Calling), which can prevent opponent heroes from using his skill Blink and give him the effect of slowing him down.

The presence of Minsitthar's ultimate skill can block his Combo Skill from Gusion's lethal attacks, and even Minsitthar can lock opponent hero movements very easily.

2. Kufra

The best hero to counter the next Gusion Revamp is Khufra. This hero tank is great because Kufra's second skill (Bounce Ball) can easily cancel the opponent hero's blink skill, especially for Gusion. , can cancel Gusion's deadly skill combinations.

Kufra, a tank hero, has very high durability and decent damage, so of course, he can cover his teammates well. It would be no surprise if Kufra could withstand any attack from an enemy hero.

3. Saber

The next best hero to counter Gusion Kai is Saber. A very high burst from Saber's Ultimate (Triple Sweep) skill. Relying on his damage attack, you can lock Gusion down in an instant.

Saber also has great mobility thanks to her second skill (Charge), which allows her to attack with her dagger and dash forward.

4. Eudora

The best hero to counter the next Gusion Revamp is Eudora, as we know his Combo Skill with Eudora's attack is very Deadly.

Eudora is capable of producing huge bursts of her damage and has deadly cloud control over her skills. This excess makes the target unable to escape, allowing Eudora to easily kill enemy heroes.

5. Chou

The best hero to counter the last Gusion mod is Chou. This hero fighter can be a counter for several heroes with agile moves, including Gusion. Chou's ultimate skill can kick enemy heroes and give them a knockback effect in seconds.

A nasty Ultimate for opposing heroes In addition to having his skills, Chou also has many blink effects thanks to his Skill 1 and Skill 2 abilities. So that Chou can easily chase or run away from opposing heroes.

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