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5 Best Characters With Pet Finn Free Fire

Finn is the newest Free Fire Pet, in the shape of a shark with a more attractive appearance thanks to the uniform and surfboard he uses. Pet Finn's skill ability called Dash Splash can increase the user's movement speed.

When the player successfully drops or eliminates an enemy character within a 20-meter radius, Pet Finn's skill activates, increasing the movement speed of the user and teammates by 4%.

Now, we would like to take this opportunity to show you some of the best character combinations from his Pet Finn Free Fire. So, if you want to know, read this article till the end!

5 best characters with Pet Finn Free Fire

1. Jota

The best combination of characters from the first Pet Finn is Jota. Jota's character can be used in close-quarters combat thanks to his passive skill (Sustained Raid) can provide considerable healing if Jota manages to defeat an enemy using melee weapons such as the shotgun or his SMG. and is very powerful.

Every time Jota defeats an enemy, the combination of Jota's character and pet his Finn skills greatly increases his movement speed and his HP. Allow Jota to play more aggressively without fear of facing many enemies.

If you don't have the Jota character yet, you can refill and buy his Free Fire diamonds at first.

2. Alok

The next best character combination for Pet Finn is Alok. Alok's character's abilities are indeed very powerful, as his character's skills can increase his movement speed and provide a large amount of additional heals.

The Pet Finn skill is great for making DJ Alok's movements more agile. If the player manages to defeat it, it will move faster. As such, Alok can easily catch up to or escape the enemy team's attacks.

3. Awaken Hayato

The next best character combination for Petfin is Hayato Awakening. Hayato Awakening characters can deal massive damage thanks to up to 7% additional armor penetration when blood is reduced by 10%.

Hayato is also very strong at providing temporary defense. In addition, he gets movement speed support from Finn's pet skill, which of course allows him to maximize Hayato's powerful abilities.

4. Moco

The next Pet Finn character's best combination is Moko. The Moco character has an ability that allows the user and teammates to know the enemy's location for a few seconds if the enemy is hit.

The combination of Moko's character skills and Finn's pet skills can help her teammates in battle. After knowing the location of a dying enemy, the movement speed support is very useful when chasing them.

5. Kelly's Awakening

The next perfect character combination for Pet Finn is Kelly's Awakening. Kelly Awakening's skill makes it easier for players to take out enemies very quickly. Because Kelly can deal 105% extra damage to enemies.

In addition to dealing lethal attack damage, Kelly can increase her movement speed by up to 6%. The added movement speed from Finn's pet skill makes Kelly extremely agile.

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