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4 Tips for winning in Mobile Legends Brawl Mode

Brawl is one of the modes in Mobile Legends and it's a lot of fun to play. In this mode, he has only one lane and must fight the opposing team to destroy his base turrets.

Of course, winning in Mobile Legends Brawl mode requires strategy. In this article, we discuss tips to win in Brawl Mobile Legends mode that can be applied in the game.

Tips for winning in Mobile Legends Brawl Mode

1. Select Hero Range or Crowd Control

Unlike other modes, Brawl mode only gives you two choices of heroes to use later in the game. Therefore, when choosing a hero for brawl mode, it is highly recommended to choose a hero with ranged or clouded control effects.

Hero range here means heroes that can hit enemies from a distance, like marksman heroes. On the other hand, if there is no range hero option, choose a hero that can provide high crowd control effectiveness.

2. Use the correct battle spells

The choice of Battle Spells is also very influential when playing in Brawl Mode. Revitalize, Aegis, Purify, and even Flameshot spells can be selected and used in this mode.

All you have to do is adjust the Battle Spells of your choice on the heroes you use.

3. Master the forest area

In addition to only having one lane, Brawl mode also doesn't allow him to recall to base to heal his HP. To regenerate HP, you must use Lifesteal items or take runes to defeat forest monsters to gain enough of his HP and shields.

Therefore, it is important to control the middle forest area to defeat runes and forest monsters.

4. Improve teamwork

Of course, winning in brawl mode requires good teamwork. Although limited to entertainment mode, this brawl mode also requires strategy.

Therefore, we need to strengthen our teamwork so that we can win together in Brawl Mobile Legends mode.

These are Mobile Legends Brawl mode tips that you can actually apply to your game. May be useful!

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