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3 Tricks to Become a Rusher Using Kenta Free Fire Characters

Kenta is one of the best Rusher characters in Free Fire. This character has a great ability called Swordsman's Fury. This ability allows Kenta to create a shield that can withstand opponents' attacks.

For those of you who want to learn how to use Kenta as her Rusher, here is, a compilation of tips for using Kenta Rusher in her Free Fire. Want to know some tricks when using Kenta's character? Read this article to the end now!

Tips for becoming a Rusher using the Kenta Free Fire character

1. Skill activation and glue wall preparation

As explained earlier, Kenta has a skill called Swordsman's Fury that allows him to create a shield in front of him.

That said, she recommends having a glue wall ready for attacks from behind or to the side of your enemies.

2. Make sure you have support nearby

The next tip when using Kenta as a rusher is to make sure your support role is nearby. The goal, of course, is to make it easy to help out should an attack fail at any given time.

Of course, having a supporting character nearby will increase your chances of winning in close-range battles.

3. Use Pet Flash

As explained earlier, Kenta's Swordman's Wrath skill only generates shields on the front, but Kenta's sides and back are extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks.

To overcome this, you can use her Flash, one of the best pet girlfriends in Free Fire. Flash has an ability called Steel Shell, which can reduce enemy attacks from behind.

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