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Tricks to getting Free Sprintstar FreeFire Freedom Bundle

The Booyah Day 3.0 event is currently taking place on Free Fire. And from the event there is a free Bundle that players can get, namely the Freedom Sprinstar FF Bundle. For those of you Free Fire players who like free events, you are obliged to take part in this event.

The Booyah Day 3.0 event itself was released on October 10, 2022 yesterday. Therefore, while this event is still being released, the opportunity to win the main prize in the form of a Bundle that we have mentioned above is very wide open.

Well, for that, in this discussion, we will discuss how to get the Free Fire Sprinstar Bundle for free. Curious about how? Let's see the full review below.

Tricks to getting Free Sprintstar FreeFire Freedom Bundle

October 2022 is a pretty promising month for Free Fire players. The reason is, there are lots of interesting events for players, especially free players. Yes, the Booyah Day 3.0 event is the main event at Free Fire in October 2022.

From this event, players can get a female Bundle called the Freedom Sprinstar Free Fire Bundle. The bundle is present in the event tab called Your Special Interface Free Fire from 10 to 26 October 2022.

This Freedom Sprinstar Bundle has a pretty cool look. This bundle uses a simple but still cool shirt design. That way, this Bundle is perfect for you to have even if it's only as a collection.

Launching dailyspin , you can get this Freedom Sprinstar FF Bundle for free by completing the missions contained in the event. From these missions, you will get a number of stars. The stars that you have collected can then be exchanged for the main prize.

The following is the number of stars you must collect to get a row of prizes at the Booyah Day 3.0 2022 event:

  • 9 Stars Get The Road to Booyah – Lobby Music
  • 18 Stars Get Golden Yurt Loot Box
  • 30 Stars Get Pan Street Eats
  • 51 Stars Get Monster Truck Blinding Gold
  • 60 Stars Get Freedom Sprintstar Bundle

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