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Tricks to Get Incubator Thompson Carnivore Clash Free Fire

Lately is much sought after by Free Fire players. Yes, as you may have guessed, today Garena released a new Gun Skin for the Incubator FREE FIRE October 2022 event. As we all know, the Incubator FREE FIRE event releases every month with a new Bundle or Gun Skin.

In September 2022, Garena launched the Incubator AWM Reptilia Guns. The Incubator ended on October 11, 2022 yesterday. The arrival of Thompson Carnivore Clash Free Fire is here to replace AWM Reptilia Guns in the latest Incubator event.

In this discussion, we will discuss how to get the Thompson Carnivore Clash Incubator. Want to know how?

Tricks to Get Incubator Thompson Carnivore Clash Free Fire

For the Gun Skin at this Incubator event, Garena brought Gun Skin from Thompson's weapon. Thompson itself is one of the most powerful weapons for close combat. This weapon belongs to the SMG (Sub-Machine Gun) type of weapon.

Incubator Thompson Carnivore Clash FreeFire has a very cool look. There are four color variations that you can get from this FreeFire Incubator. Each has purple, golden yellow, red, and light blue.

How to get Incubator Thompson Carnivore Clash FreeFire is very easy. You need to collect the Evolution Store and Blueprints. Well, you can get these two items by doing a Spin in the Luck Royale Incubator.

For one spin, you need 50 Diamonds or 1x Incubator Voucher. If you want 5x Spin right away, you need to spend 200 Diamonds or it could be a 5x Incubator Voucher.

You need to know, the Thompson Carnivore Clash FreeFire Incubator is here on October 12, 2022, until November 2022. Regarding the problem of how many Evolution Stones and Blueprints you have to collect to get this Thompson Incubator, here are the details:

Thompson Galactic Panthera: 8 Evolution Stone dan 4 Blueprint: Carnivore Clash

Thompson Dawnbreaker Lynx: 4 Evolution Stone dan 3 Blueprint: Carnivore Clash

Thompson Firehoed Jaguar: 4 Evolution Stone dan 2 Blueprint: Carnivore Clash

Thompson Hoarfost Cheetah: 2 Evolution Stone dan 1 Blueprint: Carnivore Clash

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