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Tricks and Guide How to Win in Final Fate TD

Final Fate TD is a game that lets you save the world from a demon invasion with a tower defense system and cute anime-style boys and girls. In other words, the game promises endless fun. You can complete most of the game by choosing and placing your cute characters at random, but once you've gone through half the main scenarios, the game will start to get tough. 

Once you get here, you especially novice players will need some help to play more effectively, which is why we prepared this guide. Below, we talk about everything you need to know to become a true defense master.

Get Free VIP Membership and Take Your Daily Package

There is good news here, you can “buy” a VIP membership in Final Fate TD and enjoy various benefits. More importantly, VIP members can claim special gift packages every day. This pack contains many useful items such as gold and materials that you can use to strengthen your heroes. 

The best part of this good news is, you don't have to pay real money to become a VIP member and get those cool daily packages. After playing the game for half an hour, you can immediately claim a free VIP membership. Included here is a daily plan, so you can get a completely free upgrade. Don't forget to activate your free VIP membership from the main screen after playing for half an hour.

Buy SSR and SSSR Heroes in the Shop

In our review, we mentioned that you can summon as many heroes as you want by using BlueStacks' multi-instance feature. However, if you are still unlucky or there is a certain hero you want to target, you can also use the shop in the game. SSR and SSSR heroes are sold in this shop with “hero essence” currency. 

The fun thing is, the essence of the hero is not something you need to buy with real money. You can get them by recycling the heroes you don't use. You can get enough essence to buy SSR heroes by recycling the heroes you get after playing for about a week. Indeed you have to play longer for SSSR heroes, but this method has very important advantages, i.e. you can find out which hero you are going to buy first. 

In the summoning or "summon" method, the outcome is determined completely at random. So, if you have a particular hero you're after, be patient and keep on recycling. Until you get the hero essence you need.

Don't Waste Time with Normal Summons

Final Fate TD has two types of summons, elite and normal. Normal summoning, of course, required less materials and could be done with gold. However, don't waste time with this option as you will only get R and SR heroes with normal summons. Even your chances of getting an SR hero are quite low, you have to settle for the dominance of an R hero.

SSR and SSSR heroes can only be obtained with elite summons. Your chances of getting it are still low, but at least you have a chance. Normal summons can be used to collect hero essences, and this is the only goal worth fighting for here. Don't use heroes obtained by normal summoning on the battlefield, they're pretty useless.

Get Bonus with the Right Line of Attack

You can place 8 heroes in each defense team and get various bonuses if you choose correctly. This feature was briefly mentioned in our game review. Maybe you are wondering what kind of arrangement gives you bonuses and benefits? You can see a list of class-based bonuses in the table below.


  • Using only SSSR heroes 5% range+ 8% ASPD + 15% DMG
  • Using only SSR heroes 5% ASPD + 10% DMG
  • Using only SR heroes 5% DMG
  • Using only Deity heroes 10% range + 10% ASPD + 15% DMG

Find Out Which Hero Combos Are More Effective

Each of your heroes has different abilities and some of them produce very effective results when used together. That's why Final Fate TD is also a strategy game. Finding the right combination of heroes takes a long trial and error process. To save you some playing time, we've listed the most effective known hero combinations below. Of course, your options are not limited to those listed here. You can still create your own combinations and fend off enemies much more effectively on the battlefield. Don't forget to share your recommendations with us!


Leopold + Beira Leopold can paralyze enemies, and Beira can slow down. Your other heroes will have more time to destroy the demon army.

Athena + Beira Beira can slow down and Athena can unleash a critical hit. This is an effective combo against bosses (and enemy heroes in PvP).

Morgana + Apollo Apollo can unleash very powerful attacks and Morgana can slow down enemies. A very effective combo to deal with monsters in large groups.

Angela + Edesia Both heroes have a high critical attack rate. Both can be used against bosses and fight enemy heroes in PvP.

Valkyrie + Yama Yama is a Sorcerer and can release considerable damage. Valkyrie also attacks quite strongly and can stun monsters.

Lunara + Azazel This combo is useful during PvP. Both heroes can reduce the effect of an enemy's critical attack, turning it into a "normal" attack.

Now you are ready to start your adventure in Final Fate TD. Choose your heroes, prepare your defenses, and fight it out against the demons. We believe with our tips, you can destroy more enemies faster. Don't forget us as you fight to save the world!

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