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Tower of Fantasy will present a number of skins suitable for fans this season

With the upcoming Halloween celebrations that can be seen in many countries, there will be many events and items with themes, and various cosmetics related to Halloween themes will appear in numerous games. One of them is Hotta Studio. which is a Tower of Fantasy game.

With a Halloween theme, Tower of Fantasy offers many skins suitable for fans this season. This Tower of Fantasy Halloween event may feature cute bat-themed skin, as well as a vampire from Mia the Lori. A robot companion, and some cosmetics for male and female avatars wrapped in red.

This depiction of Halloween skin features Gothic Lolita Her style of women's clothing reminiscent of Victorian vampire literature. There are several other cosmetics that can be used, but the most important thing is the skin.

However, the new Tower of Fantasy Halloween disappoints many fans as his skin drop rate is very low, making fans of Hotta Studio's anime RPG game mad.

Many fans are pondering and wondering how much they have to pay to get these exclusive skins.

Many are still skeptical, as some gaming fanatics prefer to spin new characters and simulacrums that have yet to arrive, such as Rin, Ruby Saki Fuwa, etc., with in-game currency. . Yes this is a given. Follow the meta whether they really like it or not.

One fan said that his point of sale for this Halloween skin is the skirt that the avatar is wearing.

Many fans were disappointed by the event's low drop rate and weird marketing, apart from various launch errors. But it's a game, and that's what you signed up for.

But what's interesting about this skin is her Mi-a skin wearing small accessories like a bat hairclip and a tiny little pumpkin in his bag.

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