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Tips for Using the Best Notora Characters and Combos in Free Fire

Notora Free Fire is one of the most popular Free Fire characters. The reason is, this character has pretty good skills and is very useful in the game. So, it's only natural that Notora is one of the characters that is widely used by players.

Besides Notora, there are many other characters that Garena has created in Free Fire. Whether it's homemade or the result of various collaborations with famous figures. Well, Notora herself, is a character with a beautiful face who is a member of a motorcycle gang.

In this discussion, we will discuss the Notora Free Fire character complete with skills and how to use it. Curious about the discussion? Let's see the full review below.

Get to know Notora FreeFire

In terms of appearance, Notora is a tomboyish girl. He really likes the automotive world, especially motorcycles. Because of this, he also works as a motorcycle racer. Behind his fun in the automotive world, Notora has a dark past.

Growing up in a motorcycle gang environment made him accustomed to seeing all kinds of violence. Growing up, he also joined down as a member of a motorcycle gang. In a feud with fellow motorcycle gangs, he is caught by the enemy. However, he managed to escape thanks to his abilities.

With such a harsh background, Notora is a pretty strong female character in Free Fire. Finally, he is now, Notora has become one of the characters that are liked and widely used by Free Fire players.

Skill Notora Free Fire

Each Free Fire character has a special skill that has been given by Garena, including Notora. Notora's own skill is called Race's Blessing. This skill allows Notora to restore the HP of her teammates and herself while in the vehicle.

Yep, Notora's skill is still closely related to his profession as a racer. You need to know, this Notora skill is an area. This area of ​​Notora's skill is only when in the vehicle being driven. Thus, Notora's skills will be active when she is in a vehicle.

Each level of the Race's Blessing skill has a different effect. Well, for that, here are the details of the skills of Notora FF at each level:

Level 1 = Regenerates HP Notora and teammates when in a vehicle by 5 HP every 4.5 seconds.

Level 2 = Regenerates HP Notora and teammates when in a vehicle by 5 HP every 4 seconds.

Level 3 = Regenerates HP Notora and teammates when in a vehicle by 5 HP every 3.5 seconds.

Level 4 = Regenerates HP Notora and teammates when in a vehicle by 5 HP every 3 seconds.

Level 5 = Regenerates HP Notora and teammates when in a vehicle by 5 HP every 2.5 seconds.

Level 6 = Regenerates HP Notora and teammates when in a vehicle by 5 HP every 2 seconds.

Tips for Using Notora FreeFire Characters

This Notora character has very reliable abilities when you play a squad or a team. Because of its ability to regenerate HP, your teammates will not easily die from enemy attacks. However, the condition is that you must be in the vehicle.

So, our advice, when you use this Notora character, look for vehicles from the beginning of the game. Well, with this, you can maximize Notora's skills from the start of the game. Even if you need to play using a vehicle until the game will end.

The reason is, without a vehicle, Notora's skills will not be active. If you play squad mode, invite your teammates to always ride vehicles wherever they go. So that way, Notora is able to restore the HP of his teammates who have been lost.

Best Combo for Notora

If we look at the role, Notora is a character that is included in the support role. Because he was able to restore the HP teammates. Well, for that, you need a pretty good combo so that the potential of Notora's skills can be maximized.

You can try the combo between Notora and DJ Alok. DJ Alok himself has skills that can make his teammates and himself move faster. Yes, the effect of DJ Alok's character skill is in the form of additional movement speed.

If combined with Notora's skill, then the two will be a scary combo. With the additional movement speed of DJ Alok, it will make the movement of a team faster, making it easier to kill the enemy.

If you are dying in battle, you can escape from the battle arena using a car to activate Notora's skills. And that way, the HP of dying teammates can be restored.

Nora's character can also be combined with Misha's character. Misha herself also has a skill that can only be active while in a vehicle. The effect of Misha's own skill is that it can make the movement of the vehicle being driven faster.

So, if Misha and Notora's characters are in the same vehicle, both skills will be activated immediately. This will make it easier for them to escape from enemy attacks and simultaneously can regenerate HP.

The Strengths and Disadvantages of Notora FF Characters

Everything must have advantages and disadvantages, including this Notora Free Fire character. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages:

  • Advantage

  1. One of the best support characters in Free Fire. He is able to restore the HP of his teammates and himself while in the vehicle.
  2. The higher the skill level, the faster HP regeneration.

  • Deficiencies

  1. The skill is only active while in the vehicle. Meanwhile, by using a vehicle, our position will always be caught on the minimap by the enemy.
  2. So a useless character if there is no vehicle at all.

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