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Tips for playing Jawhead Jungler in Mobile Legends, Strongest Fighter

One of the strongest Fighter heroes currently in Mobile Legends who can be relied on to fill the jungler position is Jawhead. This hero is very reliable because it can do farming and rotation quickly.

Well, for those of you who want to try using Jawhead as a Jungler, here are we which summarizes of some tips for playing Jawhead Jungler in Mobile Legends. Want to know how to play? Immediately read this article to the end!

Tips for playing Jawhead Jungler in Mobile Legends

For those of you who don't have a Jawhead hero, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first to buy it. If you already have it, just apply the following tips.

1. Choose the Right Jungler Items

When you become a Jungler hero , then you have to determine what Jungler items are suitable for Jawhead to use.

As we know, there are 3 Jungle items that can be used in the game. There is Ice Retribution, Flame Retribution, and Bloody Retribution.

All three have different effects, you can adapt them to your playing style and the opponents you face later.

2. Objective Focus

As a Jungler, the objective that must be done is to eliminate all forest monsters including Turtle and Lord.

Well, Jawhead has the advantage of Smart Missiles (Skill 1) and Ejector (Skill 2) skills that allow him to do farming quickly .

Therefore, when using Jawhead as a Jungler, don't forget to secure the objective, namely Turtle or Lord.

3. Aim for the opponent's Hero Core

The next tip when you play Jawhead as a Jungler is to target the opponent's core hero first, especially when doing war or teamfights.

Take advantage of the combination of Unstoppable Force (Skill 3), Ejector (Skill 2), and Smart Missiles (Skill 1) skills to kill your opponent instantly.

Guaranteed with this skill combination, the Mage hero , Marksman hero , or even the opponent's Assassin hero will die immediately.

4. Do Rotation

As a jungle, it's also your duty to rotate. The goal is not only to farm the entire area, but also to help teammates finish off opponents.

By rotating, of course, will help your team to win. Therefore, don't just stay in one lane when you're a jungler.

5. Use the Right Jawhead Jungler Build

The next tip for playing Jawhead as a strong Jungler is to use the right Jawhead Jungler build .

By using the right build items, of course, it will increase the ability of Jawhead to make it more powerful.

Well, those are some tips for playing Jawhead Jungler in Mobile Legends. Please apply in the game yes!

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