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This is how Pro Player settings for eFootball PES Mobile

Today, the world of games really penetrates the minds of children to old people. Playing games, apart from being a hobby, also refreshes the human brain itself. Many people consider games as friends when they are bored.

Today, the world is very sophisticated. The existence of the game was enthusiastically welcomed by all residents on this earth. Officially, there are several games that are used as sporting events. With that, it is certain that there will be a big tournament, of course, with prizes just for playing games. 

It's not in vain for those of you who are now exploring the game world. But use it properly, like taking part in a real tournament, and who knows you can become a Pro Player. 

Speaking of Pro Players, it can't be separated from intelligence in playing a game. It can be said that being a Pro Player means that the level of the game is very high. What's the secret for Pro Players to be able to do that? ... it's clear they have their own game settings to make it easier for them to play games. 

There is a football game that is currently being played. That's right, eFootball Pes is a soccer game that offers very good graphics compared to other soccer games. However, some new players find it very difficult to play this game. They actually lost a lot in the game. Therefore, they must follow the settings of the Pro Player to win the game.

This is how Pro Player settings for eFootball PES Mobile

Video Settings

First, you have to enter the eFootball PES Mobile game. Do not click first to continue into the game. But click follow the arrow as shown above. 

If you have clicked, then select the video settings there will be two options, namely Graphics and Frame Rate. Its usefulness when playing will determine the graphics of this PES Mobile game. 

Graphics, I recommend using Low or Medium if you are still using Android with Ram 3 and below. If you force yourself to use the High option, then when you play there will be a lot of lag. The High option is recommended for Ram 4 and above, this is often used by Pro Players.

Frame Rate, there are two options 30 fps and 60 fps. Its usefulness is almost the same as graphics, you have to combine the two correctly, don't get it wrong. For this frame rate, all Androids can choose 60 fps, so it's better. 

In essence, if using Ram 3 and below choose Medium or Low Graphics and a 60 fps Frame Rate. As for the Ram 4 and above, just choose high graphics and a 60 fps frame rate. You can see the picture above to see the difference from what you usually use. More real because there is a cameraman.


If you have finished in the video settings, then you click the circle of the initial appearance of eFootball PES Mobile. After that, you will be directed to the main menu.

There will be four options, you swipe right or directly select Extras. The rightmost menu itself. If you have found it, then select settings/settings. As the picture above looks.

Then select Play settings, it looks like the below.

This is very important, pay attention to the steps one by one. You can also follow the example above, but I'm using the manual/advanced control type. The explanation is as follows;

  • Control Type

This control is very important for setting up eFootball PES Mobile. There are two options that you can use, Advanced and classic. For advanced, like you guys use manually. This means that you will find yourself looking for how to kick, bait and others but there are still guidelines. For beginners it is very difficult, the risk will make HP quickly scratched / rough.

For classics, it's like you use a ps3 game control or so-called stick. Instead of advanced, using classic controls is recommended, but you can also try it to hone your skills. The advantages of classic mode, the buttons for kicking, passing, and tackling will help you just click.

  • Direction Stick Display

This is the part to direct while playing. It's just a big circle on the left of your Android. It is recommended to use Move rather than Stand still if moving is easier and more flexible to use because it adjusts when you have to run with your opponent. If you are silent, it is more difficult when you run with your opponent.

  • Change Cursor

The cursor is the player's choice when carrying the ball or wanting to grab the ball. There are two options, namely using Manual and Assisted. When using Manual, you have to click yourself to direct the player. For Assistance, obviously, you will be directed by the computer itself. But in my opinion, it's easier to use a Manual. Because when the opponent controls the ball it is very difficult to grab so you have to quickly choose your own player or change the cursor. 

  • Automatic Sledding

Its purpose is to grab the ball from the opponent quickly. This really works when defending total or when one on one with the goalkeeper. 

I prefer to use the Semi-Automatic option. Why, because not every defense we have to slide the opponent. The fear will even make our players punished by the referee. There are three options you can use, Assisted, Semi-Automatic, and OFF. 

Semi Auto is also very helpful for Advanced cursors. If you don't want to use it, select Off.

  • Change Cursor Control

Works when clicking on the next player. There are two options namely tap and double tap. From afar, it seems that using one tap is easier.

  • Button Opacity

For those of you who use the classic cursor, this works for the lightness or clarity of the button itself. It is recommended not more than 40% because it will interfere with vision in the game.

  • Cursor Type

This is an indicator of each player, whether you want to use the player's name or not. In my opinion, to make it more interesting and get to know the players better, try to use the choice of player names.

  • Next Player Indicator

You can choose On or Off. When you don't know which player will bring the ball next, then this indicator is very helpful for you.

  • Radar Display

For this one, it's better to just turn it off. Because it can interfere with concentration playing. The display will be under the square shape game, maybe you already know everything, and it serves to see the opponent's strategy.

  • Stamina Gauge

No less important, this serves to see the stamina of each player. Does it look tired or not, you can just turn it on.

  • KOMP Controlled Player Name

If you are On, you will know who the opposing players are.

PES Mobile's eFootball settings for graphics have been completed. When you're done, just click back.

Squad Management

After that, you shift to the clubhouse. Then select Squad management. It looks like below.

Follow, as shown above, and you click it. Then it looks like this.

In PES Mobile's eFootball setting, this is the core of your game. Here you can also change coaches, players, and squads.

The most important part of this Team Menu section is the position in the match. Especially if you haven't determined any players to help when the ball is set or free kick. Choose three players based on their very good score when the ball is dead.

Don't forget to choose a Captain, look for a player who plays as a real captain. For example, the current captain of Barcelona is Messi. So in the PES game, you can choose that. Its function is to help the spirit of other players. If it's not the actual captain, then don't use it.

Choose a tactic, when you want to attack just choose it. If you are ahead, you want to survive, you can choose to survive. Don't be too eager to always attack. This is a strategy game.

Automatic play settings, There are two options that can be used, namely Offside and Substitution traps. Substitution is a substitution, if you are On, it will automatically replace itself. For the Offside trap, you must be On, right.

Prepare your best players and coaches, and don't forget the reserve players must be able to complete as the main. Do not equate players in PES will be as good as in the real world. So choose according to the rating and level of the game so that you become the winner. Setting up eFootball PES Mobile for the core team has been completed. Now on to the game.

Camera Settings, Use the usual one, i.e. Dynamic Width. In the pause menu, there is also a control command that you can use if you don't know how to play. Next, go to the match or event and enjoy the game. 

That's the best way for Pro Players to set eFootball PES Mobile 2021. Happy playing, friends

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