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State of Survival Halloween Various Events

With over 150 million downloads, State of Survival features login events, avatar-themed frames, decorations, new episodes of the Meet the Survivors series, and other prizes for players to celebrate. Various in-game events are available. It will be announced on the State of Survival social media channels on Kickoff Day this weekend.

Since the game was first released worldwide in August 2019, State of Survival has become the most popular strategy game genre, bringing iconic heroes such as AMC's Daryl Dixon and The Joker to the game. The Walking Dead and Warner Bros. brought.

Horrifying Halloween Event in State of Survival

After the release of version 1.17.30, the Halloween event will start at 10:25. At State of Survival's Halloween Party, it's time to try your adrenaline through the following events.

Pranks and candy!

Moments on All Hallows Eve, before All Hallows Day, there was a mysterious knock at the door. Do you dare open it?

Halloween ghost

What naughty ghost is hiding behind the magic?

 gift rush

Grab your jack-o-lantern and discover prizes hidden throughout the building!

light and color

Maddie feels Frank should join in on the Halloween fun too

airdrop surprise

Max sent us a Halloween surprise!

The Frightful Halloween event will give you the chance to win HQ skins, March skins, frames, decorations, and more. The conditions are very simple. Players just need to update the game to version v1.17.30 to get ready for the exciting and scary Halloween.

Behemoth Presence

Located in a state that has been in existence for over 50 weeks, now players with a Chief category above his HQ level of 20 can build the Behemoth Institute. The Behemoth Institute is a very powerful unit type, so it doesn't need to be locked during the build process.

Behemoth he can jump into direct combat in March. Behemoth has the ability to withstand her AoE damage, allowing her to directly attack enemy troops behind her and protect her troops. You live, upgrade, add behemoths and develop more skills.

Rally or garrison combat involving multiple players, stats, damage, and shield skills. All active Behemoths in the team are added. Upgrade your Alliance Tech to increase the maximum number of active Behemoths.

Behemoth will be available after State of Survival version 1.17.30 starts at 10.20. So just update your game to version 1.17.30 and enjoy the Behemoth Institute experience.

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