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Recommended Strongest Synergy Magic Chess Mobile Legends

In addition to the strongest Commander, strong Synergy also determines victory when playing in Magic Chess mode. You have to know the right synergy combination to face each opponent.

In this article, we will discuss some of the strongest Magic Chess synergy combos that you can use in the game. Want to know what are the strongest synergy combos right now? Just read this article to the end.

Recommended Strongest Synergy Magic Chess

1. Nature Spirit + Weapon Master

The strongest Synergy Combo recommendation in the first Magic Chess is Nature Spirit + Weapon Master. This two Synergy when combined will produce a very strong attack.

You can choose Unity evolution effect on Nature Spirit and Bloodlust evolution effect on Weapon Master. With the evolution effect, it will be difficult for the opponent to finish you off.

Because as we know, the Bloodlust effect of the Weapon Master will restore HP which is equivalent to 100% of the HP of the eliminated opponent's hero. While the Unity effect of Nature Spirit is to divide HP and gain 4% Damage Reduction for all heroes.

2. Weapon Master + Eva (Skill 3)

Well, one of the Synergy combos currently in META is the Weapon Master synergy combined with Commander Eva's Supplication skill (Skill 3).

Because one thing you should know, Commander Eva's Supplication skill has the effect of increasing the Attack Speed ​​of all heroes by 65% ​​when there is only one Synergy with a maximum level.

Well, with these skills, when combined with the Synergy Weapon Master, it will certainly produce extraordinary damage. When using this synergy combo, you can choose Evolution Mania which can increase Physical Attack.

3. Archer + Cadia Riverlands + Wrestler

In this latest patch, Archer's synergy is easier to combine with Cadia Riverlands and Wrestler. Moreover, Crystal Archer, Cadia Riverlands, to Wrestler are easy to get.

If one of the heroes gets Blessing and you can also get Crystal Archer, Cadia Riverlands, or Wrestler, of course it can make you produce a very overpowered triple-six combination.

4. Abyss + Astro Power

The combination of the synergy Abyss and Astro Power is the next strongest synergy combo recommendation that you can use in the game.

As we know, in the latest update of Magic Chess, the evolution of the Abyss gets an update. Previously, the Abyss had an evolution to increase the Attack Speed ​​of the team's hero and reduce the opponent's Attack Speed.

But now the evolution of Abyss has the option to give a Corrupt effect or increase the team's Attack Speed.

Well, this synergy is very suitable to be combined with the effects of Astro Power which can increase attacks.

5. V.E.N.O.M + Assassin + Astro Power

VENOM, Assassin, and Astro are the next strongest synergy combo recommendations that you can use in the game.

As we know, VENOM heroes are able to give toxic effects to opponents and will reduce their HP little by little.

Combined with the abilities of Assassin and Astro Power will certainly make attacks from this combination even stronger and more deadly.

Well, those are some recommendations for the strongest Synergy Magic Chess combo that you can use in the game. Do you think there is your favorite synergy combo or not?

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