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Recommended 5 Fastest Turret Destroyer Heroes in Mobile Legends

To win the game in Mobile Legends, of course you have to destroy the opponent's turret base. Well, to do this, you can take advantage of the fastest turret destroyer hero in Mobile Legends.

Well, on this occasion, WE will discuss some recommendations for the fastest turret destroyer heroes that you can rely on in the game. 

Want to know who are the heroes who can destroy the turret quickly? Just read this article to the end.

Recommended Fastest Turret Destroyer Hero

1. Popol & Kupa

The first recommended turret destroyer hero is Popol & Kupa. For the business of destroying the turret, this Marksman hero is indeed very reliable.

Even during the Early Game, Popol & Kupa can easily destroy the opponent's turret in under 5 minutes. Moreover, with the support of the right Popol & Kupa build , this hero can be very deadly to his opponents.

2. Zilong

When talking about the fastest turret destroyer hero, it's incomplete if you don't include Zilong in it.

This Hero Fighter does have a very high Attack Speed ​​and can be used to destroy the turret quickly.

3. Masha

The next fastest turret destroyer hero recommendation is Masha. As we know, Masha has a very unique and great ability.

This hero has 3 HP bars which makes it very thick and strong. Moreover, the less HP Masha has, the higher the attack speed generated by this hero.

Well, that way, of course it will be easy for you to destroy the turret. Masha is also famous as one of the best split push turret heroes in Mobile Legends .

4. Sun

The next fastest turret destroyer hero recommendation is Sun. This hero has an advantage in his ability to produce clones.

Cloning from Sun itself can be used to attack enemies or turrets. With the help of cloning, Sun's hero can easily destroy the turret.

If you don't have this hero yet, you can buy it using diamonds or Battle Points. So make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up first!

5. Beatrix

Besides Popol & Kupa, Beatrix is ​​another Marksman hero that you can rely on to destroy the turret quickly.

As we know Beatrix has 4 weapons with different abilities. And all of Beatrix's weapons can be used to destroy the turret quickly, especially the Renner and Whesker weapons.

Well, those are some of the fastest turret destroying heroes in Mobile Legends.

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