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How to Control Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Recoil

In FPS games like Call of Duty Mobile, weapon recoil is quite difficult to control or master. Because as we know, all weapons in Call of Duty Mobile have different recoil.

Recoil itself is very influential on our AIM later in the game. Therefore, it is very important for us as players to be able to control the recoil as well as possible.

In this article, we will discuss several ways to control weapon recoil in Call of Duty Mobile that you can apply in the game. Want to know how to make weapon recoil stable? Just read this article to the end!

How to Control Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Recoil

1. Set Sensitivity

To control a weapon, of course, it takes the right sensitivity to be able to master it easily. Even setting the sensitivity yourself is very important to do.

You can adjust the sensitivity used according to your playing style. Set the sensitivity that makes you comfortable in the game.

If you have set the sensitivity according to your comfort, it will definitely be easy for you to control the recoil of the weapon you are using.

2. Master the Weapons One by One

How to control weapon recoil in the next Call of Duty Mobile is to try or master the weapons one by one first. For example, you want to learn to use SMG weapons , then you learn each weapon one by one.

The goal is that you can get to know the weapons that you will later use in the game.

If you can master a weapon, it will be easy for you to control its recoil. And if you have mastered one weapon, you can try to master another weapon.

3. Use the Right Weapon Gunsmith

The use of the right attachment, especially the foregrip on the weapon you use later will certainly affect the resulting recoil.

Therefore, make sure you have used the right weapon gunsmith. For example, if you want to use an MX9 weapon, then you must first know the strongest MX9 gunsmith that can be used in the game.

4. Train AIM

Training AIM is the next way you can do so you can control weapon recoil easily.

With you continuing to practice to improve AIM , of course it will make you able to easily control the recoil of a weapon in Call of Duty Mobile.

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