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Here's How to Quickly Level Up PES' eFootball Campaign

The campaign is the most difficult event in the eFootball PES game. Many PES players say, because of the difficulty of playing against COM in this campaign, They feel frustrated. Even though it is difficult, we will continue to be challenged to win. 

If your friends ask what are the challenges of playing the eFootball PES game and if are you not bored even though you are only playing football! You can answer this question by saying, it is campaign events that challenge eFootball PES players. 

The campaign has 10 matches, you must exceed or match the set points, in order to level up. It takes a long time, especially if you lose, having to start again. Then, Is there a quick way to level up the PES eFootball campaign?.

Here's how to quickly level up PES' eFootball campaign

Use the best manager

When playing eFootball PES, you must have a game formation to help win the match. Even though the game returns to the players, with the best formation and manager, your game will be more organized and not carelessly. 

There is a choice of the best manager and formation that you can use. If you like the 4-3-3 formation, using G.ZEITZLER ( J. KLOPP ) is the right choice. You can also use L. ROMAN's 4-2-1-3 formation (P. GUARDIOLA), this formation is often played by many Pro Players, because it has good abilities. Suitable for attack or defense. to get the manager, you need enough GP, at least above 30,000. 

Increase stamina

The maximum stamina is 99. to get that value, you must use a manager who has good value, like the example above. Next, you need to fill in 11 core and reserve players, then play regularly to increase stamina. Don't change players often before your stamina reaches 99. The first time you play eFootball PES, you'll get a bad manager, and it's difficult to increase stamina. By diligently playing with these players, your team's stamina will continue to increase. 

Increase player rating

Player ratings can increase automatically when you continue to play that player while playing eFootball PES. The quick way to increase player ratings is to use special coach cards. where can get the card?, you can play eFootball PES event/event, and get it for free. Meet the special coach minimum limit of up to 100 to make it easier to increase the rating of other players.

Next, you enter the player list menu. Then, select the player you want to add a rating to. Click on a player, then search for training, after that just choose how many special coaches to use. Automatically, the player rating will increase.

Don't press COM

Next enter the game. When you are a beginner, you will definitely find the difficulty level high. However, the minimum point limit is also still very small, so it can make it easier to upgrade to the next level. However, when you start playing often, you will find it difficult to level up because the minimum point limit is very high. 

When you play, even if you are already a Pro in the usual way, don't take this for granted. Don't press too quickly into the COM defense. Remember! COM is very clever, when you press and create an open space, your defense will be easily penetrated. Don't press every COM with the ball, but cover every player closest to COM when carrying the ball, the result is they will throw the ball and you can take the ball. 

COM plays more often on the sidelines and rarely in the middle, so close the area so that COM doesn't get baited into your defense. After being able to analyze COM games every time you play, you will be able to win and level up your campaign quickly.

Repeat game

Actually, this method is not common for Pro Players to use, it can be called a cheat method. However, there are times when this method really needs to be used. When? when your points are almost over the limit and when points are trailing but don't have enough matches. 

The point is almost to meet the limit, in the campaign has 10 matches, for example, the point limit is 23 while your points are now 20, one more game left and you need three points. When playing, your team is 1-0 down until the 80th minute. You find it difficult to score goals and believe in defeat.

Likewise when points are trailing but don't have enough matches. Before that, you have to remember the minimum points and your current points. For example, if in five matches you have lost all of them, and the minimum point limit is 15. In the next five matches, you must win without losing a single. When the next game, you fall behind and will lose, that's the right time to repeat the game. 

how to quickly level up the PES Efootball campaign

Then, how? there is a pause menu in the top right corner of eFootball PES while playing. Click the pause menu, then select the button back to the homepage of your cellphone. After that, delete the game history and log back into eFootball PES. 

After logging in, you will see something like the image above. Click discard, then your points will remain the same as before with the same number of matches. Don't repeat when the game is over, but before the 90 minutes are over and you're still behind. When you are finished you still want to repeat, points will be lost if you experience defeat. 

That's the only way to quickly level up PES's eFootball campaign. To get the best manager, you have to monitor every day, because every 4 hours or even a day, eFootball PES will continue to provide the best manager updates. 

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