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For Beginners! Tricks How to Strengthen Macro Skills in Mobile Legends

As a Mobile Legends player, you must be familiar with the terms Macro and Micro in Mobile Legends, right? Well, these two abilities are skills that you must master in the game.

Because by mastering these two skills, of course, will increase your and your team's chances of winning the game. Well, on this occasion, we will discuss how to strengthen Macro skills in Mobile Legends.

Because the ability of macro itself is more difficult to master than micro. So, for those of you who want to hone your macro skills in Mobile Legends, just read this article to the end!

What Are Macros in Mobile Legends?

Simply put, Macro is the ability to manage and read all the situations that exist in the match to achieve victory.

Especially if you like using Roamer heroes, it's very important for you to master Macro skills. Because Macro skills focus on all things in the game, from map awareness, instinct, timing, and shot callers, to the opponent's build composition.

Well, to improve your Macro Mobile Legends skills, you can apply the following methods.

1. Keep Playing

Surely you've never heard of the phrase "Experience is the Best Teacher", right? Well, it turned out to be true. The more you play, of course, your experience in playing also increases.

2. Frequently View Map

As already explained, Map Awareness is one of the important things about macros. Especially if you use a Tank hero or Support hero who is required to rotate throughout the lane.

Do not let your blind map, because it can affect the results of your match later.

3. Frequent Communication

Communication can also improve your macros. Because one thing you must know, communication is very important.

Expediting your communication with the team will certainly improve your macro skills in terms of initiating war, shooting calls, providing information, and so on.

4. Often Watch Pro Player Tournaments or Gameplay

Often watching tournaments such as MPL and MDL is also one way to improve your Macro skills. Because as we know, Pro Players who are in an esports team have very high Macros.

Well, you can observe how they play to improve your Macro skills. Somehow they initiate war, shot calls, rotation, and so on.

Well, those are some ways to strengthen Macro Mobile Legends skills that you can apply. Please try it!

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